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The watchlist contains gold, silver, lithium, uranium, copper and base metals companies.

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Hi, I’m Travis, and for 20 years I’ve been an investor and keen observer of the Canadian junior mining sector - the exciting and volatile ‘R&D department’ of the global major mining industry.

Together with my team of analysts, we've built CMR to share ideas and opportunities for investing in junior mining stocks.

Canadian Mining Report is a leading digital publication in the field of Canadian Junior Mining, consisting of a team of expert investors & analysts with decades of experience and passion in the space. Our publication routinely works with and is used by some of the top investors in the space.

Travis Grier

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The watchlist contains gold, silver, lithium, uranium, copper and base metals companies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in learning more about the most advanced, larger capitalization junior miners listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange, this quarterly report will save you weeks of work: compiling financial data, news results and other company information, analyzing the data and summarizing the story for 50 top companies.

The TSXV 50 is an analysis on the largest capitalization junior mining stocks on the Toronto Venture Exchange. These are companies that are juniors, but more advanced and have been de-risked compared to the micro and nano cap junior mining companies who are at a very early stage. It's a mix of junior miners in Gold, Silver, Copper, Uranium and other metals - The TSXV 50 companies have viable projects, many with feasibility studies, major mining partners, and lots of cash to continue to advance their projects.

We will update the report basically quarterly and update you with the latest analysis - we do reserve the right to release an update earlier than the beginning of the quarter or later than the beginning of the quarter depending on market conditions. For example, during the crash of 2022 we delayed our release in order to see how the crash developed and how it affected junior mining stocks.

With your subscription you will also have the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 call with one of our Analysts to discuss the junior mining sector - this is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about metals and mining and how to analyze junior mining stocks. Exclusive research and weekly analysis will also be sent to you as a TSXV 50 subscriber.

The TSXV 50 will help give context for your investment decisions in the junior mining space, and should help you become better informed about the different stages for the mining companies and understand the drivers for the different metals, but it is not a beginners guide to stock picking, and some basic knowledge of equity markets is assumed.

We do not provide stock picks as we are not investment advisers, but companies that you find interesting from the TSXV 50 can be discussed with your licenced investment adviser for potential inclusion as part of your balance portfolio.

The Weekly Round Up covers the recent developments in the metals and mining space, usually with three sections;
1) a macro section looking at key recent news flow and analysis of drivers for the metals and junior miners,
2) a section focusing on the specific performance of subsector of the market or a specific company, and
3) a detailed review of the news flow from the larger TSXV 50 junior gold miners.

Junior Mining Companies range from the early stages of exploration, which can often be just some geologists surveying a new property, to later stages with a small mine fully operating, with firms beyond this in size or stage generally being considering intermediate miners. Junior miners are crucial in the industry for sourcing new deposits because they take on the discovery and development stages of projects that would be considered too risky or not initially large enough for investment by the larger producers.

Major mining companies ALWAYS need to replenish their reserves, as older mines are depleted, and the thousands of junior mining companies are trying to discover and develop potential new mines. Mining and producing metals like Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Uranium and more is critical to modern civilization.

Without junior mining, there would be no new mines and therefore no metals for your iphone and your Tesla….and no fertilizer for your food, for that matter.

Investing in Junior Mining Companies from the middle and later stages of exploration through the development stage provides a good opportunity for significant gains but with a substantial reduction in risk compared to very early stage juniors, as they tend to have either a series of high grade drill results, a Resource Estimate or Preliminary Economic Assessment or Feasibility Study to support their valuations. Junior Mining Stocks can work well as the aggressive, higher risk portion of a balanced portfolio under guidance of a licensed investment adviser.

CMR was formed to provide clarity and context on junior miners for general investors with a focus on the larger TSXV-listed miners, companies which are established enough to have substantially reduced risk compared to that of many very small, very early stage, junior miners, while at the same time offering the potential to double or more in value.

CMR brings a combination of both a long history following the junior mining space with wide contacts in the industry and a strong background in equity markets with the ability to communicate the story of junior mining stocks in a clear and relevant way for the general investor.