"Russian Diamonds Sponsor Killings," says Ukraine Diplomat

By John Jeffay / June 27, 2022 / www.idexonline.com / Article Link

(IDEX Online) - A Ukrainian diplomat is urging consumers not to buy Russian diamonds, because they fund the war in her country.Liubov Abravitova, who serves as her country's ambassador to South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique, made the comments as members the Kimberley Processes failed to reach any agreement over calls to broaden its definition of conflict diamonds."When you see Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, all those atrocities ... I think they should think twice when they are buying diamonds that can be of origin of Russia, because they are basically sponsoring the killings," she told Reuters.Calls to discuss Russian diamonds at the KP intersessional meeting in Botswana last week were backed by Australia, Britain, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Switzerland, the United States and civil society groups.But they were opposed by Belarus, China, Central African Republic, Kyrgyzstan, and Mali and discussions did not take place.The KP Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC), the umbrella organization that oversees KP activities, said it "deplored the incapacity of the certification scheme to address its demons".It said the KP ship was "rudderless, or actually sinking".In a statement it said: "A small group of participants abused their veto to prevent everyone else from discussing these questions that are critical for the future of the KP".Pic shows Liubov Abravitova meeting  Jacob Thamage, chair of Kimberley Process.

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