A Second Month of Decline for US Watch and Jewelry Sales

By IDEX Online / January 05, 2023 / www.idexonline.com / Article Link

(IDEX Online) - Watch and jewelry sales in the US for November were down 3.8 per cent year-on-year. October's figure, initially reported as a fall of 1.9 per cent, has since been revised down, based on actual through-the-till transactions rather than estimates, to 3.4 per cent, according to the latest figures from the Department of Commerce. Likewise September has been revised from a 1.3 per cent increase down to 0.7 per cent.

To put this in perspective, sales of watches and jewelry plunged in the first months of the Covid pandemic, but grew every month from June 2020, despite ongoing lockdowns. They peaked in April 2021 with a flurry of revenge purchases from a low base the previous year.IDEX Online subscribers please click here to read the full report.

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