Cult Of Pivot's Moment Of Truth Imminent As Fed's Most Hated Inflation Indicator (Silver) Flashes Red

December 05, 2022 / / Article Link

If it's a given that silver will skyrocket when the Fed pivots, yet if silver is already over 36% higher from just a couple of months ago, then...

(by Half Dollar) How exactly is the Fed going to "pivot" when silver is up over 36% recently?

You see, some inflation indicators are not like the others, and silver is totally different.

In fact, silver is the one thing that governments and central banks fear more than anything else in the entire world.

Silver is, after all, the true power of the people.

Indeed, there is so much I could say about silver, the markets & the economy and the so-called Fed "Pivot", but I think I'll just let the Fakes, Frauds, Phonies and Worse set themselves up for yet another self-induced disaster.

For now, I'll just say that in keeping with cult tradition, the public-facing Fed will be in quiet meditation this week as the Fed's upcoming formal meeting does not take place until next week, so I am using the word "imminent" rather loosely.

Regardless, I maintain what I said about silver a few weeks ago:

Silver, Dailty Inventory

And if I'm wrong, then I'll adjust fire.

Starve the Beast...

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