Ekati Extension Gets Crucial Water Permit

By Rapaport News / July 09, 2017 / www.diamonds.net / Article Link

RAPAPORT... Dominion Diamond Corporation has received government approvalto use water for its Jay project in Canada's Northwest Territories - animportant regulatory step for the miner.Robert McLeod, the region's minister of environment andnatural resources, signed off on the type-A water license for Dominion's Ekatimine, Dominion said Thursday. The approval includes the Jay extension, ahigh-grade kimberlite pipe that the company estimates will add a decade to Ekati'slifespan. Organizations carrying out activities such as mining mustobtain a type-A or type-B water license, which permits them to use water under specifiedconditions, according to a government website. Receiving the license is a "significant milestone for theJay project," said Dominion chairman Jim Gowans, who described theapproval as the "final major step in the permitting process at Jay."