Fancy-Color Group Expands Advisory Board

By Rapaport News / May 31, 2021 / / Article Link

RAPAPORT... Industry veteran Thomas Gelb has joined the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) as a member of its board of advisers.Gelb previously worked at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) before leaving in 2008 to run Harry Winston's grading department, FCRF said Monday. For the past 12 years, Gelb has been an independent consultant, working with various companies, gem labs and trade groups in the fancy-color diamond industry.Gelb has written articles on a number of diamond topics, including treatments, synthetics criteria and specific colors of diamonds. He has also evaluated prestigious gems such as the Hope Diamond, the Idol's Eye, the Agra, the Incomparable, the CTF Pink and the Moussaieff Red, the foundation noted."Gelb...brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the foundation," the FCRF added. "His participation on the board will no doubt contribute to the foundation's success."Image: Thomas Gelb. (Natural Color Diamond Association)