IDEX Price Report for 1 June: Slight Rise in Rounds

By IDEX Online / June 01, 2021 / / Article Link

(IDEX Online) - There was a slight overall increase in round prices among rounds. Fancies were more of a mix, and a number of sizes in both rounds and fancies saw little or no movement at all. 

There were a couple of localized bursts of activity, with a raft of price rises among 0.3-0.39-cts and 2.00-2.99-cts. Aside from that there was little or no movement in many sizes.

There was virtually no change in goods above 3.00-cts. Goods from 0.40-0.49-cts saw a mix of rises and falls, as did 3.00-3.99-cts. One carats saw just a couple of price increases.



0.30-0.39 ct. J / VS2-SI1 +2-2.5%, I / SI1-2 +3.5-4%

1.00-1.24 ct. M / IF +2.5%

2.00-2.99 ct. E-F / IF-VS1 +3%


0.70-0.79 ct. D / IF-VVS1 +3-3.5%, K / VS2-SI2 +2.5-3.5%

1.00-1.24 ct. F / IF-VVS1 -3-3.5%

3.00-3.99 ct. H-I / SI1 +2.5-3%, I-J / SI2 +2.5-3.5%

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