Marin Katusa: Keynote: Major Gold Discoveries are Becoming Increasingly Rare

By marin katusa / June 03, 2019 / / Article Link

To subscribe to our newsletter and get notified of new shows, please visit http://palisaderadio.comMarin takes a contrarian viewpoint on several issues that many may find controversial. Unlike most resource investors, he feels that there is sufficient capital overall in the mining sector. He thinks that debt is about to get more expensive and that the US dollar will strengthen for the next couple of years. Marin feels that uranium will under-perform as sufficient supply remains. Lastly, he doesn't think the world is running out of resources and that there is still plenty of oil, gas, and commodities. The world, however, is running out of areas that respect entrepreneurial capital.TimeStamp References1:30 - Marin's Background and Views2:50 - Government's fear deflation.4:00 - Gold is getting harder to find.9:00 - True growth of mining.10:30 - There is still money in mining.13:00 - Executives are being overpaid.15:30 - Cost of capital is increasing.18:00 - Boom, bust echo cycle.26:30 - Why uranium will continue to be flat.30:20 - Section 232 will be a gradual quota.32:30 - US Dollar will outperform for two years.35:00 - Vanadium needed for green energy.39:00 - The internet of things.40:45 - Innovation will solve most bottlenecks.