Queen Chooses Turquoise and Diamond for Coronavirus Address

By John Jeffay / April 08, 2020 / www.idexonline.com / Article Link

(IDEX Online) - Queen Elizabeth's jewelry attracted almost as much attention as her message when she made an historic TV address on the coronavirus crisis.Keen royal observers were intrigued to see her wearing a rarely-seen turquoise and diamond brooch inherited in 1953 from her grandmother Queen Mary, widow of King George V and a keen jewelry collector.It was a gift from the new queen's in-laws on the couple's wedding day in 1893.Queen Elizabeth, aged 93, was first seen wearing the piece publicly in 2014, more than half a century after it came into her possession.She made only the fifth public address of her 68-year reign on Sunday, with a message of hope and healing as the world battles Covid-19.Her unexpected choice of jewelry prompted furious debate among observers and on social media.