E.B. Tucker: The Real Reason Central Banks Are Desperate to Hoard Gold

By Herman James / January 20, 2023 / marketsanity.com / Article Link

Stansberry Research, Released on 1/20/23

"Big tech companies are laying off 10% of their workforce, this is going to have a huge effect," warns E.B. Tucker, bestselling author of Why Gold, Why Now? "We are slowly grinding towards a position where something weak will crack," he tells Daniela Cambone on this episode of Powershift: Outlook 2023. "The crypto story is speculative mania blow off coming back down to Earth... To their detriment, central banks are going to make their own crypto," he continues. "Nothing is going up in value on a speculative basis. You have to remain solvent in order to play the next inning," Tucker says. While the Fed remains on their current path, "it's really hard for people to wait, but you're in a scenario right now where if you make a big move, you're probably going to get hurt," he warns. "The [gold] resource producer is beginning to assert power they haven't had in 25 years. You want to own the actual physical resources," Tucker says. "The people that think the dollar is going to crash are dreaming, it is not something that just disappears," he continues. "The system is majorly broken, it's a centrally planned economy," Tucker concludes.

00:00 E.B. Tucker's big warning6:07 Is FOMO justified in the crypto space?7:50 E.B. Tucker doubles down on his crypto stance9:19 E.B. Tucker makes the case to remain solvent13:37 Discerning zombie companies15:40 The current narrative of the U.S. dollar21:17 E.B. Tucker's thesis on why central banks are hoarding gold24:27 Why is China not disclosing their gold holdings?27:30 How long can the Fed keep the dollar's strength high?28:21 Has the path already begun for the digital dollar?31:11 Is it possible to make the case for equities right now?34:22 Goal setting with E.B. Tucker

Mr. Tucker is a director of Metalla Royalty and author of "Why Gold, Why Now" in addition to writing The Casey Report, a monthly investment advisory founded by legendary resource speculator Doug Casey. Prior to joining Casey, he served as the analyst and lead analyst on Stansberry's Investment Advisory and The Bill Bonner Letter respectively. Before joining Stansberry, Mr. Tucker was a founding partner of KSIR Capital Management; an asset management firm focused on precious metal equities. He also co-founded KSIR Capital, a corporate finance advisory firm focused on the precious metals industry. He holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration with a focus in Finance from the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.

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