The Silver Skyrocket IS VERY CLOSE As One Of THE BIGGEST Silverbugs Gives Up

By this week we reported on Bix Weir capitulating / November 18, 2017 / / Article Link

Most people won't be able to finish the marathon or stay in the battle, and here's yet another one who throws in the towel AT THE BOTTOM...

Editor's Note:

Investing in silver is like running a marathon or going to war.

It's totally a test of the mind.

Are you strong enough, mentally, to finish the race or stay in the fight?

I have never run a marathon, but I was in the United States Army, and I was on the front-lines in the Iraq War.

My point is that serving in the military is also a mind game, and while I may not be that smart compared to others and certainly no psychologist, I do feel that I'm qualified to understand what seeing it through to the other side requires.

Running a marathon, going to war, or investing in silver requires a different type of person.

Only a few people can do it. Most quit. They give up. Running a marathon, going to war or investing in silver requires somebody who is stronger than most everybody else.

It requires somebody who can go up against all odds and demonstrate extreme patience, and when things look like they may be getting better, things get worse and even more patience is required.

This is not to say this latest silver capitulation you will hear about below is a person who could not run a marathon or go to war. I'm not sure if he ever has done either?

The point is that investing in silver requires a person to be that strong. If you see it through and have patience, then you are a true warrior and you will be rewarded for your struggles in battle.

There is a saying when it comes to investing - Most of the people lose most of the time. Jim Sinclair says (speaking of gold) that most people will sell out of their position before the move. Furthermore, it is also widely known that there must be a "final capitulation" before the bull run.

Capitulation means giving up.

That said, one of the long-time silverbugs has given up on silver, and since the name is big, we are ever so close to the silver skyrocket that we have all been waiting for.

Just this week we reported on Bix Weir capitulating on gold, and now we have our capitulation in silver.

It's important so I'll repeat it: In the same week, we have what looks like a final capitulation on gold and a final capitulation on silver.

We are very close because now it's not the "retail" investor who has given up, but the precious metals advocates themselves.

Hold on to that stack and finish the marathon. Stay strong in battle, fight hard, and have courage.

And don't forget Article 1 Section 8 and Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution.

It may not seem like the Constitution applies anymore, but if we are ever going to truly regain our nation and as President Trump says - Make America Great Again, then we are going to need those two sections now more than ever.

Gold and silver are money.

They will have their day.

And since they have been suppressed and beaten down for so long, when the day comes those who have the courage to see it through will be rewarded.

Stack accordingly...

- Half Dollar

Sean from SGTreport

Former SGT Report regular Andy Hoffman has completely capitulated on silver which eh once referred to as the best investment one could make. He has told Crush the Street that over the summer he sold his entire position of physical silver and now holds only gold and Bitcoin. I'm officially calling a bottom. There's no where for silver to go no, but higher. Also, close call today near the former Rothschild estate Waddesdon Manor where a still unexplained helicopter-airplane collision killed at least three people. QAnon will most surely have a forthcoming comment about this "coincidence". Also, a word about those CME Bitcoins futures...

Thanks for tuning in.

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