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 Dow Jones U.S. Coal Index

Jun 06, 2019 / Staff reporter

SymbolCompany NameLastChangeChg %HighLowVolumeChart ARLPAlliance Resource Partners L.P.17.21+0.17+1.0017.2116.66254,700 CSUAYChina Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd. ADR8.23-0.06-0.728.238.1223,367 EXXAYExxaro Resources Ltd. ADR11.01-0.08-0.7211.0111.01724 FELPForesight Energy LP0.86+0.01+1.240.890.8451,922 HNRGHallador Energy Co.5.66-0.04-0.705.785.6246,989 JRCCQJAMES RIVER COA...Read More

Portfolio of Coal Stocks

Jan 06, 2019 / Staff reporter

The following list of 6 coal stocks includes companies based in the United States, Canada and China. The following diverse mining companies with coal operations are not included in the portfolio: BHP Billiton Limited (BHP), Rio Tinto plc (RIO), South32 Limited (SOUHY) and Teck Resources Limited (TCK). Stock Return Calculator window.onload = function () {var data = [{type: "line",xValueType: "date...Read More

Special Report: The New Era of Coal Investing

Dec 11, 2018 / Staff reporter

Why Coal Prices Could Double this Year... and How To Profit from the SurgeWelcome to the Coal Bull Market.Coal, whose surging price has outpaced crude oil and natural gas, could double this year.When heavy rains and flooding cripple two million metric tons of thermal coal production at an Ensham mine in Queensland, Australia, coal prices go nuts. But when crippling China snowstorms, floods in Quee...Read More

Coal Investing - Coal Stocks, Mining Companies, Prices and News

Jul 26, 2018 / Staff reporter

ProducerTop Gainers$(document).ready(function() { $('.ChangePercentActive .spanPercent').trigger('click'); });ExchangeSymbolChartCurPricechg | %Intra EnergyASXIECAUD0.010.0030.00TerraComASXTERAUD0.450.049.76Shougang Fushan Resources GroupHKEX639HKD1.990.147.57ZhongfuSHSE600595CNY2.970.165.69Anglo AmericanLSEAALGBP16.950.905.63Top Decliners$(document).ready(function() { $('.ChangePercentActive .sp...Read More

How Repeal Of The Clean Power Plan Impacts Investors

March 30, 2017 / Robert Rapier

This week, as expected, Donald Trump signed an executive order that instructed EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to begin the process of dismantling the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP was first proposed by the Obama administration in 2014 and would have required states to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal- and gas-fired power plants, targeting an emissions reduction of 30% below 2005 l...Read More

Power Grab for Coal

January 17, 2017 / Robert Rapier

Regular readers may know that I have been bearish on the long-term outlook of coal for several years. As a general rule, we have steered investors away from the sector. But that general rule isn't a steadfast rule, because there are times that the coal sector will be oversold.That was the case in the first half of 2016 as we added several coal stocks to The Energy Strategist portfolios near the lo...Read More

The Unfond Farewell

December 13, 2016 / Robert Rapier

The end of the year is always a busy time. In the next few weeks I plan to write articles covering the top energy stories of the year, highlight the top-performing energy companies of the year, grade my predictions for 2016 and make new ones for 2017.Today, given that President Obama only has a few weeks left in office, I want to review the evolution of the energy sector during his eight years in...Read More

Revealing Images for Mature Viewers

December 6, 2016 / Robert Rapier

One of my favorite sources of energy visuals is the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Flickr photo gallery. The graphics the EIA produces are incredibly informative, and today I want to share some that recently caught my eye and explain what they mean. Here is a graphic the EIA shared just before Thanksgiving, also highlighted in the research agency's Today in Energy article: Gasoline pric...Read More

Energy Surge for Trump

November 10, 2016 / Robert Rapier

Funny story. I sat down to write this column as I began to watch the election results come in. I was going to write about the likely energy policies of Hillary Clinton's administration. I essentially had this column all worked out in my head. Then I started to see the gap start to close in Florida and North Carolina. I saw Clinton struggling in states she should have been winning handily. I decide...Read More

Parsing President Trump and a Reader's Grave Error

November 7, 2016 / Robert Rapier

Today, as we await the results of the presidential election, I would like to do something a bit different. First, I will provide some pre-election commentary on the likely energy policies under Donald Trump. But then I want to spend the remainder of this column on another topic. After receiving a puzzling email last week from a reader, I thought perhaps I should discuss the purpose of this column,...Read More

Coal Wins Reprieve

October 20, 2016 / Robert Rapier

In the last Energy Letter, I discussed the winners in the energy sector for the third quarter of 2016. Today I will focus more narrowly on the winners among master limited partnerships (MLPs).As I did for the energy sector, I screened for Q3 total shareholder return (including distributions made during the quarter) using the proprietary stock screen I developed for The Energy Strategist. This scre...Read More

The 2016 Coal Stock Rally We All Missed

Oct. 18, 20162:47 PM / Geoffrey Caveney

While U.S. coal companies like Arch Coal and Peabody Energy declared bankruptcy last year and this year, coal prices actually rallied in 2016.Huge coal stock gains did happen in 2016 -- outside of the U.S.The KOL ETF boomed up 105% Year To Date, sparked by the performance of Asia-Pacific stocks in particular.The biggest winners were Australia's Whitehaven Coal and Indonesia's Adaro Energy,...Read More

And the Winners Are...

October 18, 2016 / Robert Rapier

The third quarter of 2016 is in the books, so it's time to see which energy stocks performed best. I screened for Q3 total shareholder return (which accounts for dividends distributed during the quarter) using the proprietary stock screen I developed for The Energy Strategist. This screening tool is Excel-based, and extracts data from the subscription-only S&P Global Market Intelligence database....Read More

Coal's Terrible, No Good, Worst Year Ever

June 21, 2016 / Robert Rapier

The recently released BP Statistical Review of World Energy registered new all-time highs for the production and consumption of oil and natural gas, and for fossil fuels as a whole. But the story for coal was much different. In fact, 2015 brought the biggest drop in coal demand since 1965, the first year the BP Review began tracking energy statistics.How bad was 2015 for the coal industry? Since 1...Read More

The Dirty Secret of Clean Coal

June 7, 2016 / Robert Rapier

Last week I discussed Donald Trump's contention that we were going to have "clean coal and we're going to have plenty of it." Readers have surely heard of clean coal. But just what is it? And does it have a chance at economic viability? If it does, there are two implications for investors. One is that the coal industry could see a resurgence, and the second of course is that there may be worthwhil...Read More

See Trump Pump

May 31, 2016 / Robert Rapier

"In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of a cow jumping over the moon" - Margaret Wise Brown in children's classic Goodnight Moon"Say! I like green eggs and ham! I do! I like them, Sam-I-Am!" - Dr. Seuss in children's classic Green Eggs & Ham"I want clean coal, and we're going to have clean coal and we're going to have plenty of it. We're going to have g...Read More

The Top Energy Stories of 2015

December 23, 2015 / Robert Rapier

As I have done for several years now, I like to close out the year by highlighting the top stories in the energy sector.The 2015 list was challenging, because so many of the stories are interrelated. Commodity prices continued to plummet, but oil, natural gas, and coal prices fell for somewhat different reasons. This of course resulted in the lowest gasoline prices in years, which was itself a big...Read More

Paris Climate Tango Not the Last

December 2, 2015 / Robert Rapier

There is a lot going on in the world of energy this week. On Dec. 4 the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meets, and as we saw following OPEC's late November meeting last year, any action it takes could affect oil prices for months. Right now it looks like the group is content to try to talk oil prices up without actually curtailing production.But another big story is the Paris Climate...Read More

NASDAQ Top 5 Companies Versus Publicly Listed Metals & Mining Universe

November 19, 2015 / Cejay Kim

Cejay KimNovember 19, 2015 Category: ResearchThe NASDAQ was formed in 1971 and was the world's first electronic stock exchange. Naturally, the technology-inspired exchange attracted other technology companies to list their shares when it was time to IPO.As more technology companies flocked to the NASDAQ, the exchange branded itself as technology-focused, and thus attracting more companies to list....Read More

The S&P 500 and Our Crystal Ball

October 21, 2015 / Cejay Kim

Cejay KimOctober 21, 2015 Category: ResearchThe S&P 500 is the most commonly used benchmark in measuring the performance of stocks. Because of the size of its constituents and the liquidity of its market, it is also used as a leading indicator of US equities in general. Thus, a lot of people look to the S&P 500 to get a feel of where stocks will trade in the future.We charted the S&P 500's P/E rat...Read More

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