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Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Perspective on the Further Geopolitical Escalation

Macro Voices, Released on 3/29/23MacroVoices Erik Townsend welcomes Dr. Pippa Malmgren to the show to discuss the escalating geopolitical situation, including Pippa's views that the Pentagon played a role in orchestrating the Silicon Valley Bank bailout to protect defense technology interests, and that China rather than Russia has been th...

Doug Casey's Take: Is Kevin O'Leary A Rotten Fascist Or Just Gutless?

Doug Casey's Take, Released on 3/29/23In today's episode we discuss the RESTRICT ACT and the dire consequences for freedom it represents. Then Doug explains why it is that so called "Free market capitalists" like Kevin O'leary are so eager for government intervention (when it's good for them, of course). Join our email list to get Special...

Prof. Steve Hanke: Central Bank Buying & Looming Recession Both Great for Gold

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 3/29/230:00 - Introduction0:44 - Economic Ignorance4:36 - Federal Reserve System9:43 - Recession & Whiplash14:10 - Bank Crisis & Easing?18:19 - Money Supply & GDP Growth21:19 - Hyperinflation & Countries22:55 - Game-Changing Moments?29:10 - Gold Sentiment Score35:40 - Primary Data Sources40:18 - Wrap UpSt...

Company Press Releases

Renforth Intersects Visual Mineralization Drilling Surimeau's Battery Metals

(TheNewswire) March 29th, 2023 – TheNewswire – Pickering, Ontario - Renforth Resources Inc. (CSE:RFR) (OTC:RFHRF) (FSE:9RR) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) would like to update shareholders on our success with the ongoing drill program at the western end of our wholly owned Surimeau District Prop...

Liberty Gold Reports Year-End 2022 Financial and Operating Results

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberty Gold Corp. (TSX:LGD; OTCQX:LGDTF) ("Liberty Gold" or the “Company”), is pleased to announce its financial and operating results for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022. All amounts are presented in United States dollars unless oth...

Gold Springs Resource Corp. Files 2022 Financial Statements, MD&A and Annual Information Form

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / March 28, 2023 / Gold Springs Resource Corp. (TSX:GRC)(OTCQB:GRCAF) (the "Company"), reports the release of its audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2022, the related management's discussion and analysis of financial position and results of operations (&qu...

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Gold Mining News

Highland Gold reaffirms full-year guidance after in-line second ...

Highland Gold Mining Limited's (LON:HGM) has said its four operating mines produced 61,357 ounces of gold and gold equivalent in the

Barrick, Japan Gold step up exploration

These cover more than 40 historic gold mines over an area of approximately 1,900 square km, spread across the country's three largest islands:

S&P/ASX 200 down but gold miners surge as the metal price ...

S&P/ASX 200 (INDEXASX:XJO) was trading 0.36% down at 5991 by 12.50 pm but gold miners have surged as global uncertainty pushed gold

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Armor Minerals Inc.(A.V) Aton Resources Inc.(AAN.V) Advance Gold Corp.(AAX.V) Abcourt Mines Inc.(ABI.V) Aben Resources Ltd.(ABN.V) AbraSilver Resource Corp.(ABRA.V) Barrick Gold Corporation(ABX.TO) Arcus Development Group Inc.(ADG.V) Adamera Minerals Corp.(ADZ.V) Agnico Eagle Mines Limited(AEM.TO) Affinity Metals Corp.(AFF.V) Alphamin Resources Corp.(AFM.V) Atlantic Gold Corporation(AGB.V) Amarillo Gold Corporation(AGC.V) Antioquia Gold Inc.(AGD.V) African Gold Group, Inc.(AGG.V) Alamos Gold Inc.(AGI.TO) Aguila American Gold Limited(AGL.V) Austral Gold Limited(AGLD.V) Aldridge Minerals Inc.(AGM.V) AurCrest Gold Inc.(AGO) Ashanti Gold Corp.(AGZ.V) Amarc Resources Ltd.(AHR.V) Asanko Gold Inc.(AKG.TO) Algold Resources Ltd.(ALG.V) Alliance Mining Corp.(ALM.V) Alturas Minerals Corp.(ALT.V) Altamira Gold Corp.(ALTA.V) Aldershot Resources Ltd.(ALZ.V) Abacus Mining & Exploration Corporation(AME.V) AuRico Metals Inc.(AMI.TO) American Creek Resources Ltd.(AMK.V) Argus Metals Corp.(AML.V) Almaden Minerals Ltd.(AMM.TO) Altan Rio Minerals Limited(AMO.V) Alchemist Mining Inc.(AMS.CN) Amex Exploration Inc.(AMX.V) American Manganese Inc.(AMY.V) Almadex Minerals Limited(AMZ.V) Altan Nevada Minerals Limited(ANE.V) Anfield Gold Corp.(ANF.V) Angel Gold Corp.(ANG.V) Angkor Gold Corp.(ANK.V) Antler Gold Inc.(ANTL.V) Anaconda Mining Inc.(ANX.TO) Alianza Minerals Ltd.(ANZ.V) Ascot Resources Ltd.(AOT.V) Ascot Resources Ltd.(AOT.TO) Apex Resources Inc.(APX.V) Anglo Pacific Group PLC(APY.TO) African Queen Mines Ltd.(AQ.V) Aquila Resources Inc.(AQA.TO) Arian Resources Corp.(ARC.V) Aris Gold Corporation(ARIS.TO) Arco Resources Corp.(ARR.V) Aurania Resources Ltd.(ARU.V) Asante Gold Corporation(ASE.CN) Ashanti Sankofa Inc.(ASI.V) Argentum Silver Corp.(ASL.V) Avesoro Resources Inc.(ASO.TO) Alacer Gold Corp.(ASR.TO) ATAC Resources Ltd.(ATC.V) Atlanta Gold Inc.(ATG.V) Altai Resources Inc.(ATI.V) Atacama Pacific Gold Corporation(ATM.V) Alto Ventures Ltd.(ATV.V) Atico Mining Corporation(ATY.V) Aurion Resources Ltd.(AU.V) Auryn Resources Inc.(AUG.TO) Aurelius Minerals Inc.(AUL.V) Golden Minerals Company(AUMN.TO) Austin Resources Ltd.(AUT.V) Aura Silver Resources Inc.(AUU.V) Auramex Resource Corp.(AUX.V) Aurvista Gold Corporation(AVA.V) Avnel Gold Mining Limited(AVK.TO) Avrupa Minerals Ltd.(AVU.V) Thunderstruck Resources Ltd.(AWE.V) Arrowstar Resources Ltd.(AWS.V) AXMIN Inc.(AXM.V) AXE Exploration Inc.(AXQ.V) Aya Gold & Silver Inc.(AYA.TO) Arizona Gold Corp.(SGLD.TO) Azimut Exploration Inc.(AZM.V) Alexandria Minerals Corporation(AZX.V)


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc(CAL.TO) Candelaria Mining Corp.(CAND.V) Canex Metals Inc.(CANX.V) Castle Peak Mining Ltd.(CAP.V) Champion Bear Resources Ltd.(CBA.V) Chibougamau Independent Mines Inc.(CBG.V) Colibri Resource Corporation(CBI.V) Cascadero Copper Corporation(CCD.V) Canarc Resource Corp.(CCM.TO) Cantex Mine Development Corp.(CD.V) Canuc Resources Corporation(CDA.V) Cordoba Minerals Corp.(CDB.V) Candente Gold Corp.(CDG.V) Centamin plc(CEE.TO) Constantine Metal Resources Ltd.(CEM.V) Confederation Minerals Ltd.(CFM.V) Centerra Gold Inc.(CG.TO) Carlin Gold Corporation(CGD.V) Corex Gold Corporation(CGE.V) China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.(CGG.TO) California Gold Mining Inc.(CGM.V) Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc.(CGP.V) Columbus Gold Corp.(CGT.TO) Corazon Gold Corp.(CGW.V) Canadian International Minerals Inc.(CIN.V) Central Iron Ore Limited(CIO.V) Chesapeake Gold Corp.(CKG.V) Colombia Crest Gold Corp.(CLB.V) Coral Gold Resources Ltd.(CLH.V) Crystal Lake Mining Corp.(CLM.V) Canoe Mining Ventures Corp.(CLV.V) Canasil Resources Inc.(CLZ.V) Commander Resources Ltd.(CMD.V) Canadian Metals Inc.(CME.CN) Comet Industries Ltd.(CMU.V) China Minerals Mining Corporation(CMV.V) Chilean Metals Inc.(CMX.V) Condor Resources Inc.(CN.V) Canyon Copper Corp.(CNC.V) Continental Gold Inc.(CNL.TO) Condor Gold plc(COG.TO) Coro Mining Corp.(COP.TO) Camino Minerals Corporation(COR.V) Copper Creek Gold Corp.(CPV.V) Conquest Resources Limited(CQR.V) Cariboo Rose Resources Ltd.(CRB.V) Coronet Metals Inc.(CRF.V) Cameo Resources Corp.(CRU.V) Capstone Mining Corp.(CS.TO) Capstone Mining Corp.(CS.TO) Comstock Metals Ltd.(CSL.V) Canamex Resources Corp.(CSQ.V) Centenera Mining Corporation(CT.V) Centurion Minerals Ltd.(CTN.V) Carube Copper Corp.(CUC.V) Currie Rose Resources Inc.(CUI.V) Copper Fox Metals Inc.(CUU.V) Cava Resources Inc.(CVA.V) Crown Mining Corp.(CWM.V) CWN Mining Acquisition Corporation(CWN.V) Calibre Mining Corp.(CXB.V) Chalice Gold Mines Limited(CXN.TO) Colorado Resources Ltd.(CXO.V) Cypress Development Corp.(CYP.V) Copper Reef Mining Corp.(CZC.CN) Caza Gold Corp.(CZY.V)


Goldcorp Inc.(G.TO) Galantas Gold Corporation(GAL.V) Galiano Gold Inc.(GAU.TO) Goldbelt Empires Limited(GBE.V) Great Bear Resources Ltd.(GBR.V) Gabriel Resources Ltd.(GBU.TO) Gran Colombia Gold Corp.(GCM.TO) Goldcliff Resource Corporation(GCN.V) Goldex Resources Corporation(GDX) Global Energy Metals Corporation(GEMC.V) Glen Eagle Resources Inc.(GER.V) GFG Resources Inc.(GFG.V) Galane Gold Ltd.(GG.V) Goldgroup Mining Inc.(GGA.TO) Goldgroup Mining Inc.(GGA.TO) GoGold Resources Inc.(GGD.TO) Garibaldi Resources Corp.(GGI.V) GGL Resources Corp.(GGL.V) Granada Gold Mine Inc.(GGM.V) GGX Gold Corp.(GGX.V) Gem International Resources Inc.(GI.V) Genesis Metals Corp.(GIS.V) Gitennes Exploration Inc.(GIT.V) Geologix Explorations Inc.(GIX.V) GoldON Resources Ltd.(GLD.V) Great Lakes Graphite Inc.(GLK.V) God's Lake Resources Inc.(GLR.CN) Galway Gold Inc.(GLW.V) GobiMin Inc.(GMN.V) Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.(GMX.TO) Gainey Capital Corp.(GNC.V) Golden Goliath Resources Ltd.(GNG.V) Golden Hope Mines Limited(GNH.V) Genius Properties Ltd.(GNI.CN) Golden Tag Resources Ltd.(GOG.V) Goldmining Inc.(GOLD) Golden Dawn Minerals Inc.(GOM.V) Goldrea Resources Corp.(GOR.CN) Golden Peak Minerals Inc.(GP.V) Grande Portage Resources Ltd.(GPG.V) Golden Predator Mining Corp.(GPY.V) Great Quest Fertilizer Ltd.(GQ.V) GoldQuest Mining Corp.(GQC.V) Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.(GQM.TO) Great Atlantic Resources Corp.(GR.V) Gold Springs Resource Corp.(GRC.TO) Galore Resources Inc.(GRI.V) Golden Reign Resources Ltd.(GRR.V) Gold Reach Resources Ltd.(GRV.V) Gold Reserve Inc.(GRZ.V) Golden Star Resources Ltd.(GSC.TO) Golden Share Mining Corporation(GSH.V) Goldstrike Resources Ltd.(GSR.V) Gossan Resources Limited(GSS.V) Gold Standard Ventures Corp.(GSV.V) Gold Standard Ventures Corp.(GSV.TO) Green Swan Capital Corp.(GSW.V) GoldTrain Resources Inc.(GT.CN) GTA Resources and Mining Inc.(GTA.V) Great Thunder Gold Corp.(GTG.V) Colt Resources Inc.(GTP) GT Gold Corp.(GTT.V) Gungnir Resources Inc.(GUG.V) Gunpoint Exploration Ltd.(GUN.V) Guyana Goldfields Inc.(GUY.TO) Grosvenor Resource Corporation(GVR.V) Gowest Gold Ltd.(GWA.V) Greywacke Exploration Ltd.(GWL.CN) Galileo Exploration Ltd.(GXL.V) Guyana Goldstrike Inc.(GYA.V) Grizzly Discoveries Inc.(GZD.V) Golden Valley Mines Ltd.(GZZ.V)


Miranda Gold Corp.(MAD.V) Maritime Resources Corp.(MAE.V) Minera Alamos Inc.(MAI.V) Masuparia Gold Corporation(MAS.V) Mawson Resources Limited(MAW.TO) Midas Gold Corp.(MAX.TO) Meadow Bay Gold Corporation(MAY.TO) Minnova Corp.(MCI.V) Manson Creek Resources Ltd.(MCK.V) McLaren Resources Inc.(MCL.CN) Midland Exploration Inc.(MD.V) Manado Gold Corp.(MDO.V) Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.(ME.TO) Medgold Resources Corp.(MED.V) Metals Creek Resources Corp.(MEK.V) Mexican Gold Corp.(MEX.V) Marifil Mines Ltd.(MFM.V) Minaurum Gold Inc.(MGG.V) Magnum Goldcorp Inc.(MGI.V) Mineral Hill Industries Ltd.(MHI.V) Inomin Mines Inc.(MINE.V) Mindoro Resources Ltd.(MIO.V) Majestic Gold Corp.(MJS.V) Majescor Resources Inc.(MJX.V) Melkior Resources Inc.(MKR.V) ML Gold Corp.(MLG.V) Mountain Lake Minerals Inc.(MLK.CN) Marlin Gold Mining Ltd.(MLN.V) American CuMo Mining Corporation(MLY.V) Metallic Minerals Corp.(MMG.V) Minco Gold Corporation(MMM.V) Monarca Minerals Inc.(MMN.V) Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd.(MMV.V) Maverix Metals Inc.(MMX.TO) Monument Mining Limited(MMY.V) Mandalay Resources Corporation(MND.TO) Montan Mining Corp.(MNY.V) MOAG Copper Gold Resources Inc.(MOG.CN) Miramont Resources Corp.(MONT.CN) Marathon Gold Corporation(MOZ.TO) Monarques Gold Corporation(MQR.V) Millrock Resources Inc.(MRO.V) Mirasol Resources Ltd.(MRZ.V) Mesa Exploration Corp.(MSA.V) Minsud Resources Corp.(MSR.V) Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd.(MTB.V) Mammoth Resources Corp.(MTH.V) Metanor Resources Inc.(MTO.V) Metallis Resources Inc.(MTS.V) Manitou Gold Inc.(MTU.V) Mundoro Capital Inc.(MUN.V) McEwen Mining Inc.(MUX.TO) MillenMin Ventures Inc.(MVM.V) MX Gold Corp.(MXL.V) Montego Resources Inc.(MY.CN) Maya Gold & Silver Inc.(MYA.V)


Southern Arc Minerals Inc.(SA.V) Starcore International Mines Ltd.(SAM.TO) St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited(SAU.TO) Stratabound Minerals Corp.(SB.V) Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.(SBB.TO) Serabi Gold plc(SBI.TO) Strongbow Exploration Inc.(SBW.V) Savary Gold Corp.(SCA.V) SolidusGold Inc.(SDC.V) Stroud Resources Ltd.(SDR.V) Seabridge Gold Inc.(SEA.TO) Sphinx Resources Ltd.(SFX.V) SG Spirit Gold Inc.(SG.V) Samco Gold Limited(SGA.V) Superior Gold Inc.(SGI.V) Sutter Gold Mining Inc.(SGM.V) Scorpio Gold Corporation(SGN.V) Sage Gold Inc.(SGX.V) Sego Resources Inc.(SGZ.V) Shoshoni Gold Ltd.(SHJ.V) Spruce Ridge Resources Ltd.(SHL.V) Sienna Resources Inc.(SIE.V) SilverCrest Metals Inc.(SIL.V) SilverCrest Metals Inc.(SIL.TO) Serengeti Resources Inc.(SIR.V) Skeena Resources Limited(SKE.V) Skeena Resources Limited(SKE.TO) Strikepoint Gold Inc.(SKP.V) Sandy Lake Gold Inc.(SLAU.V) Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.(SLR.TO) Solaris Resources Inc.(SLS.TO) Sulliden Mining Capital Inc.(SMC.TO) Strategic Metals Ltd.(SMD.V) Semafo Inc.(SMF.TO) San Marco Resources Inc.(SMN.V) Sierra Metals Inc.(SMT.TO) Southern Lithium Corp.(SNL.V) Select Sands Corp.(SNS.V) Sirios Resources Inc.(SOI.V) Sojourn Ventures Inc.(SOJ.V) SolGold plc(SOLG.TO) Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd.(SPA.V) Silver Predator Corp.(SPD.V) Stockport Exploration Inc.(SPT.V) Stellar AfricaGold Inc.(SPX.V) Stina Resource(SQA.CN) Squire Mining Ltd.(SQR.CN) Stakeholder Gold Corp.(SRC.V) Sparton Resources Inc.(SRI.V) Salazar Resources Limited(SRL.V) Silver Spruce Resources Inc.(SSE.V) Sandstorm Gold Ltd.(SSL.TO) Silver Standard Resources Inc.(SSO.TO) Sandspring Resources Ltd.(SSP.V) SSR Mining Inc.(SSRM.TO) Sunvest Minerals Corp.(SSS.V) Southern Silver Exploration Corp.(SSV.V) Sanatana Resources Inc.(STA.V) Starr Peak Exploration Ltd.(STE.V) Steppe Gold Ltd.(STGO.TO) Silver Bull Resources, Inc.(SVB.TO) Silver Grail Resources Ltd.(SVG.V) Sarama Resources Ltd.(SWA.V) SLAM Exploration Ltd.(SXL.V) SGX Resources Inc.(SXR.V)

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Market Report: Trying to break out

By Alasdair MacleodApart from some minor profit-taking over the last two days of this week (into early European trade this morning Friday) the undertone in precious metals has been remarkably positive. The strength appears to be emanating from the US, given the trading pattern is caution in the European time zone, followed by firmer markets in the US. This is therefore Comex driven, and there is plenty of action to report, given markets were shut on Monday for a public holiday, which failed to dent turnover earlier in the week.At the time of writing (03.00 EST, 0700GMT) gold was down $6 from last Friday's close at $1261, and silver down 17 cents at $17.18. The next chart puts the current consolidation, which is 12 trading sessions old, into a technical perspective.Gold's consolidation is...

5 Things You Need to Know from Last Week (Look What Gold Just Did!)

By Frank HolmesIt was a whirlwind week. After attending two big conferences, I landed in Vancouver Friday where I presented at the International Metal Writers Conference. Markets continued to close at record highs, even as political uncertainty remained and the threat of terrorism loomed large over Western nations. Last Monday, gold flashed a bullish signal we haven't seen in over a year.There's much to talk about! Below are five things you need to know from the week now behind us.1. Quants Now Control Wall StreetA special report by the Wall Street Journal last week confirmed what I've been saying for a while: Wall Street is now run by the quantitative analysts, or quants. Numbered are the days when traders and fund managers picked stocks on gut instinct. Today, a decision is made only af...

SWOT Analysis: Deutsche Bank Says Investors Should Prepare for Flight to Gold

By Frank HolmesStrengthsThe best-performing precious metal for the week was palladium, up 4.18 percent. Bloomberg reports that rising automobile demand may be sending palladium futures toward the steepest rally since April 20.Bloomberg's weekly poll of traders and analysts show the trending heading toward bullishness, with 10 bullish, five bearish and four neutral. Analysts point to concerns over terrorism, probes into President Donald Trump's links to Russia and doubts that the Federal Reserve will raise rates in June, as factors that may spur investors to choose gold.China's gold demand in 2017 is still the strongest in four years, reports Bloomberg. Although higher prices have deterred some buyers, dropping gold purchases from 15-month highs, the World Gold Council (WGC) sees demand gr...

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