May 31, 2024

An Elite Wealth Club for EVERY Investor

It sounds pretty incredible…

But here at Canadian Mining Report, we have discovered a unique wealth-building opportunity.

Think of it as a wealth club and a social network for independent investors.

It allows you to invest in gold and silver… but also supplement your income from growing the network.

Let us explain…

Why You Should Invest In Gold and Silver

Gold and silver are "forever assets."

Their value doesn’t depend on the global financial system… or on running blockchain calculations…

They are more resilient than stocks and crypto.

Physical gold and silver are some of the smartest investments out there.

They are simple and effective. And gold, for example, keeps its value much better than paper money.

Do you know, for example, that since 1913, the U.S. dollar lost about 97% of its value?

Yes, a one-dollar bill from today is almost worthless…

Yet the government continues printing more and more of them.

You might have felt it… the sense that prices are out of control and your living expenses are soaring.

We get it. You’re not alone.

But there’s a solution.

Real Assets Outperform 'Made-Up' Money

Paper and electronic money are convenient… but that’s their only strength.

When it comes to preserving value or protecting your privacy, your bank account doesn’t do much.

Even with interest rates at their multi-decade highs, you will still be losing money to inflation and devaluation.

The financial system isn’t designed to make you rich or keep your lifestyle intact.

It’s designed by the elites for the elites.

That’s it.

If you weren’t born into generational wealth, your options are limited.

But there’s a solution.

And the global financial industry doesn’t want you to know about it.

The solution is simple. Monetary metals.

Here’s an example…

To buy an average house with gold back in 2001, you’d need 626 ounces of the yellow metal. Back then, they were worth about $169,000.

But if you kept those ounces, in 2024 they would be worth $1.46 million.

That’s enough to buy THREE average houses… and you would still have $199,936 left to buy this beauty…

Real Assets Outperform  'Made-Up' Money

Sounds pretty incredible… but it’s true!

Since 2001, gold has appreciated enough to make you a millionaire… but only if you thought of it as a long-term investment.

Timeless Value

It’s difficult to focus on long-term wealth if you make decisions by yourself.

You’re bombarded with noise and advertisements from financial TV and newspapers… or sketchy advice from social media.

We understand why so many investors struggle to grow their wealth… we feel you.

But there’s a solution.

And this is what this wealth club that we discovered is all about.

It’s a growing group of investors focused on real assets such as gold and silver.

And, as we have described, these metals are the ultimate safe havens… they can help you preserve wealth and grow your capital over generations.

This wealth club is called 7k Metals.

It’s an Idaho-based company that helps investors save and grow their wealth through investing in gold bars and collectibles.

What’s So Good About 7k Metals?

There are plenty of precious metals retailers out there… some are better than others.

Why do we recommend that you put 7k Metals on your radar?

First, convenience. Members of this wealth club can subscribe to an auto-save program that automatically sends them gold and silver bullion, as well as collectible coins.

It’s so simple. You set it up once, and then gold and silver start showing up in your mailbox.

7k says that the gold and silver are .999 fine, and the coins are vetted and graded.

Second, it offers investors access to a curated selection of collectibles.

You don’t need to spend hours searching for what this or that coin is worth… or try to figure out what coin is the best investment based on some sketchy discussion forums…

Third, 7k does “coin drops.” When a limited edition becomes available, investors can participate in auctions and purchase rare coins and other collectibles.

Everything happens in one place. Again, the convenience of this wealth club is unparalleled, in our opinion.

Fourth, you can make money by inviting new members.

No, it’s not a Ponzi scheme. Think of it as an affiliate sales system. If you recommend 7k to friends or a relative who joins, you start making money…

If you invite enough people, your membership pays for itself…

That’s an incredible hack that we discovered.

You can become a member of 7k metals, and then as your friends and family join, you start generating additional income… so your membership in this wealth club becomes essentially free.

There’s also so much more that this platform offers… from gold-backed IRAs to e-commerce sales and health insurance.

You should check it out and become a member now.

(As a matter of full disclosure, some members of the Canadian Mining Report team have 7k memberships.)

The Time Is Now

We’re in the middle of a long-term gold bull market with prices over $2,000 per ounce.

Despite high interest rates, gold has become one of the top-performing assets this year.

And no wonder. Investors are losing trust in the traditional financial system… they are seeing their savings destroyed by inflation… and they are tired of empty promises by the shady “experts” selling them crypto ideas.

Investors deserve better. And they have been turning their attention back to gold.

This is why gold has had such a successful run.

And this bull market isn’t done. Far from it. It will most likely run for years.

As an investor, it’s in your best interest to act now and get exposure to gold and silver in your portfolio.

In our opinion, 7k Metals offers the easiest way to invest in gold and silver bars and coins.

It is the most accessible wealth club that we know of. Any investor can afford a membership, and if you use 7k’s Associate program, your membership becomes free… and you start making money as an affiliate.

It’s a win-win-win.

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