April 17, 2024

Maximize Your Investment Potential with These Top Gold Producers

At the Canadian Mining Report, we expect gold to be one of the leading assets in 2024.
It is well-positioned to outperform the rest of the market. This includes broad stock markets, bonds, and even highly speculative and risky assets such as crypto.
We outlined an investment roadmap for 2024 earlier.
Investors still have enough time to position their portfolios for profits in the gold space. It’s not too late.
After all, gold itself is used to preserve wealth. Investors willing to take higher-risk bets can consider gold mining companies. These often provide leverage to the underlying metal.
We believe that Canadian gold mining companies are the best bet for those bullish on gold prices this year.
Here’s why…

The Superstars

There are names that investors in the mining space must know:

  • Robert Friedland
  • Pierre Lassonde
  • Eric Sprott
  • Bob Quartermain
  • Ross Beatty
  • Ron Netolitzky
  • And many others

These people were in charge of establishing the modern mining industry as we know it today.
We’re talking about a safe, innovative, reliable, and profitable industry that can create value for its shareholders.
These are the crucial indicators that investors are paying close attention to. But this is not a random group of people. They’ve made significant contributions to the Canadian mining industry in one way or another.
They have earned the title of Member at the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.
These are the superstars of the Canadian mining sector.
Now, they are working on behalf of investors like you using Canadian practices and standards, some of them are the world’s highest.

Best Practices

Canada has a long history of mineral exploration, development, and production.
It’s a mining powerhouse with a skilled workforce and ample infrastructure.
Canadian mining professionals are creating enormous value for their stakeholders in a sustainable way. This is how Canada reached the status of a leading mining nation.
The Fraser Institute mining survey put Canadian provinces and territories in the top positions. This survey covers most of the world’s countries and measures different aspects of the industry.
Canada reliably finds itself at the top of the list.
It means the country itself has very high standards for miners. They, in turn, are taking these best practices in the most remote places and using their expertise to create wealth all over the world.
This is why Canadian mining companies are welcome wherever they go. For instance, after his success with Voisey’s Bay in Canada, Robert Friedland is now developing mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Columbia, Peru, Côte d’Ivoire, and other countries.
In the same reliable manner, the famous Lundin Group is running mines on five continents. All the companies that are part of the group are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and its Venture counterpart (TSXV).
Eric Sprott is funding mining projects at various development stages. His largest investments via Sprott Inc. are Agnico Eagle, Pan American Silver, and Triple Flag Precious Metals.
Again, all Canadian names.
Pierre Lassonde supports early-stage mining projects and established mines via his royalty business at Franco Nevada. This portfolio is exposed to hundreds of projects, mostly owned by Canadian mining companies.
Ross Beatty’s Equinox Gold is one of the most prolific gold mining companies in Brazil, Mexico, and the US.
All in all, around 40% of the global mining companies are listed in Canada. These have access to capital, which is vital for mining companies at any stage.
Also, Canada is supportive of public companies and has a special set of rules that protects these wherever they work.
The mining companies that operate outside the country provide political diversification to their investors’ portfolios. After all, spreading investment capital across multiple jurisdictions lowers the risk.
These companies bring their best practices abroad, developing and running mines as they would at home in Canada. This approach most often turns to profitable operations and value creation for investors, as well as solid community relationships and eco-friendly practices.


We believe that gold is set to outperform other assets this year.
Having exposure to the yellow metal in any investor’s portfolio would be wise, in our opinion. However, investors need to diversify their portfolios and not bet the farm on a single asset.
Those who are interested in leveraging gold performance should consider gold mining companies. As data shows, Canadian companies have the best expertise in this field.
These are most likely to provide a leveraged proxy to the price of gold, potentially delivering impressive results if gold takes off this year.
The Canadian Mining Report will keep bringing the best names in the gold sector to you. Stay tuned.

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