Donald Trump's Twitter Reply Threads Are Full of Attention-Whoring Verified Accounts - Whang!

By @PamplonaTrader / April 13, 2017 / / Article Link

One of the cool things about Twitter is that it gives anyone a chance to genuinely interact with politicians, celebrities or anyone who you normally would just not get the chance to. However, this openness has given rise to a particularly obnoxious brand of attention-whoring.It seems like any time Donald Trump tweets anything, the replies are immediately filled with verified accounts that go on several tweet-long rants that often have nothing to do with the actual tweet. Rather, they try to out-sass each other in a pathetic attempt to go viral in "epic takedown" articles from sites like Buzzfeed and Mic.It's often the same people over and over again who populate Donald Trump's Twitter replies, as we'll see in this video.???? The New Whang! ?-? Sapiosexuals are Dumb ?-? Alex Jones Pickle Gate ?-? Kids Are Not My Problem ?-? Tinder Experiment ?-? Recording Setup:???(TM) Microphone ?-? Blue Snowball iCe ( Camera ?-? Logitech C922 ( Support Me on Patreon ?-? Subscribe ?-? Follow Me On Twitter ?-? Outro theme: Jynx - Phantoms ?-? Instagram ?-? @hotpikachusex???(TM) Snapchat ?-? @hotpikachusexAirport Lounge - Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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