FB Live 04/20/2017: Insulin Sensitivity, Knee Health, Sleep & More | Charles R. Poliquin

By Duane Poliquin / April 26, 2017 / www.youtube.com / Article Link

Live video I did on my Facebook page where I answered random questions. 00:18 Upcoming seminar series on Powerlifting with Stan Efferding and Ed Coan (UK & Austria)00:12 Tips for Knee Health * Petersen step uphttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=venxz... * Vastus medialis strengthhttp://www.strengthsensei.com/how-to-... 02:00 Powerlifting seminar (Watson Factory & Das Gym)02:58 Seminars location in Europe http://www.strengthsensei.com/worksho... 03:33 Steps to improve insulin sensitivity * High Intensity Health by Mike Mutzel https://www.youtube.com/user/highinte...* Eat less carbshttp://www.strengthsensei.com/low-car...* Fish oil for insulin sensitivity http://www.strengthsensei.com/fish-oi...* MagnesiumProper testinghttp://www.strengthsensei.com/magnesi... ReplenishmentNew article to come! Keep your eyes peeled04:30 Changements in American collegiate Strength and Conditioning: the good, the bad06:55 How to warm-uphttp://www.strengthsensei.com/warm-up... 07:51 Best tips to build strength and power without gaining weight and sizeCluster training: http://www.strengthsensei.com/10-dead... Volume for strength vs sizehttp://www.strengthsensei.com/trainin... 08:50 Tempo training effectivenessKlokov squats: http://www.strengthsensei.com/ten-way...Josh Bryant: http://www.strengthsensei.com/two-thi...Choosing the right mentors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_co... 10:05 How to Improve Testosterone Naturally* Sleephttp://www.strengthsensei.com/energy-... * Avoid Testosterone Killershttp://www.strengthsensei.com/top-10-... 11:19 Reason why medical questions are off-limit11:42 Optimal number of training days for athletes over 40* Guide to the mature lifter: http://www.strengthsensei.com/mature-...http://www.strengthsensei.com/getting...12:29 High reps or low reps for fat burning13:06 Best 3 Tips to Lose Fat* Grain Free Diet, Low Carbs Diethttp://www.strengthsensei.com/carbohy... * 4H/week of Metabolic Conditioning Dojo of Strength: https://goo.gl/A81UBB http://www.strengthsensei.com/weightr... * Sleep: http://www.strengthsensei.com/sleep-y... http://www.strengthsensei.com/4-reaso... 14:41 Dopamine dominance and training frequencyhttp://www.strengthsensei.com/trainin...15:20 Raw eggs absorption on eggs: http://www.strengthsensei.com/whole-e...16:05 Squats and walking like a duckon posture: http://www.strengthsensei.com/improve...16:37 How to Find Quality Fish OilDFHhttp://strengthsensei.dfhealthestore.... ATP Labhttps://www.atplab.com/product/omega-...17:27 Including weightlifting moves to improve strength in the three powerlifting moves18:14 Seminar in California in Nick Mitchell's new UP Performance Center18:43 Best 3 tips to improve serotonin* Grateful Loghttp://www.strengthsensei.com/energy-...* Magnesium and Threonate http://www.strengthsensei.com/21-reas...* Sleephttp://www.strengthsensei.com/boost-e... * Meditationhttp://www.strengthsensei.com/top-fiv... Don't miss out on my next FB Live: Follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/strengthsensIn other media: To know more, please visit http://www.strengthsensei.com/Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/StrengthSenseiFollow us on Instagram: @strengthsensei1

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