Gwen Preston: Gold to Shine with the Market's Decline!

By gwen preston / January 17, 2016 / / Article Link

Gwen Preston of discusses the recent downturn in the US markets and it's effect on the mining sector. She informs us that the recent Chinese market 'crash' is actually a correction in an over-inflated stock market, in reality the Chinese economy is doing fine. China is building an enormous number of nuclear reactors which is a strong signal to be looking into the uranium miners. She describes opportunities for 20-30% returns in short term trading, taking advantage of the high US dollar, and for the long term looking at companies in their early stages. There are so many opportunities at the moment that it takes real focus to find the best. After a five year bear market, surviving companies have to have good people and good management prospects in an upturn. She looks for companies that have the ability to ramp up production once the market finally turns.Talking points from this weeks interview:?EUR? Where do you put your money among the miners??EUR? Uranium has the best fundamentals?EUR? Who are the 'cream of the crop' in mining? ?EUR? Taking your time to pick the best?EUR? The Metal Investors Forum Conference 23rd Jan:

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