INTERVIEW: Beltrame looks to futureproof itself with eco steel plant ahead of green revolution

September 01, 2021 / / Article Link

With Italian steelmaker AFV Beltrame Group's recently announced investment in a new green steel plant in Romania, chief executive Carlo Beltrame is looking to futureproof the company ahead of the upcoming green steel revolution. In discussion with Fastmarkets' Carrie Bone, he outlined the changes and challenges anticipated for decarbonizing the steel industry.

"Why green? Because when we started on the project we came up with the need to try to understand the best available technology at the time. This kind of investment is pretty expensive...We tried to foresee 20 years ahead," Beltrame said.
"I feel very strongly in the future that everybody will oblige you to prove...[your] energy efficiency and that the material is coming from a low[-carbon] footprint company," he added.
The plant has been years in the planning, with market research and a business plan prepared two years ago with an announcement ready for early 2020. But then the Covid-19 pandemic began in Europe and it was postponed until July this year, with construction expected to start next year.

The market dynamics in Romania mean that it imports most of its steel rebar and wire rod, while being a net exporter of scrap. This means there is...

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