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With His Flawed 'Exit Strategy,' Bernanke Has Set the Stage for Stagflation

August 4, 2009 / Martin Hutchinson

By Martin HutchinsonContributing EditorMoney MorningAs the U.S. and global economies stabilize, economistswonder how U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will manage to reverseall the monetary stimulus that has been infused into the economy over the pastyear and prevent inflation.My guess is that he won't be able to do so, meaninginvestors need to position themselves now for the "stagflat...Read More

Beware of the ObamaStimulus Trap

July 31, 2009 / Martin Hutchinson

By Martin HutchinsonContributing EditorMoney MorningUpbeat headlines have been everywhere in recent weeks, andthey all seem to point to a single conclusion: The U.S. economy is in the earlystages of a very rapid recovery.In fact, when you peruse the news it's difficult to come toany other conclusion. For instance:A number of key earningsreports have been much better than expected, and company exec...Read More

Four Ways to Profit if Bernanke's 'Exit Strategy' Backfires

July 24, 2009 / Jason Simpkins

By Jason SimpkinsManaging EditorMoney MorningAfter more than a year of lax monetary policy and direct capital infusions, U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has finally outlined an "exit strategy" that he says will lead to the "smooth and timely" withdrawal of monetary stimulus and keep inflation at bay.However, analysts say that Bernanke's exit strategy is far from foolproof and could t...Read More

Commodities:The One Profit Play Investors Can't Afford to Ignore

July 23, 2009 / Investment News Staff

Money Morning Staff ReportsCommodities investing was oncelimited to the super-wealthy. But not anymore. In the face of almost-certaininflation - and with soaring growth in such fast-growing markets as Chinaalready driving up global prices for food, oil and gold - virtually everyinvestor needs to have some money invested in commodities, says Peter Krauth, alongtime commodities-investing expert who...Read More

Airbus Deal Shows Investors That China Profits Are Cleared For Takeoff

July 22, 2009 / Keith Fitz-Gerald

Keith Fitz-GeraldByKeith Fitz-GeraldInvestmentDirectorMoney Morning/The Money Map ReportIndividual investors who still hold any doubts aboutMainland China's future growth potential should take a long hard look at Airbus SAS, thePan-European commercial airliner maker that is now building airplanes in thatcountry.When Airbus recentlyannounced the delivery of its first China-built passenger jet, it w...Read More

Bondholders to Bail Out CIT

July 20, 2009 / Bob Blandeburgo

By BobBlandeburgoAssociate EditorMoney MorningCIT Group Inc. (NYSE: CIT) appears to have struck a $3 billion financing dealwith bondholders late Sunday night, rescuing it from the brink of bankruptcyafter last week failingto obtain additional bailout money from the U.S. government.CIT will be charged a high interest rate in the deal, and won'thave its long-term financing needs permanently fixed, T...Read More

Retail Sector Faces Uphill Climb in 2009

July 20, 2009 / Bob Blandeburgo

By Bob BlandeburgoAssociateEditorMoneyMorningRetail investors had a rough go of things in the first half,but since the March lows of all the markets, the Standard& Poor's Retail Index is showing progress toward its 52-week high of427.13. But don't expect that to last. A slump in consumer spendingand soaring unemployment could both pose a significant threat to retailersgoing into the 2009 holiday s...Read More

As Global Currencies Weaken, Gold Posts Triple Digit Gains Worldwide

June 24, 2009 / Guest Editorial

[Editor's Note: Part II of two installments. Part I ran yesterday (Tuesday).]As countries around the world with unwanted strong currencies move to cheapen them by printing more money, slashing interest rates, or just "talking" them down, investors are left with a key question: Just what are those strong currencies declining against?If your answer is "against the currencies of their main trading pa...Read More

Two Ways to Play Silver's Potential Rocket Ride

June 9, 2009 / Guest Editorial

Late last month, one world's greatest speculative profit plays made an important breakout move.This speculative investment is the tiny group of mining stocks that operate as pure plays on the price of silver.If investment assets were all patients in a mental ward, bonds would be the guy who sits silently in the corner and stares out the window. Stocks would be the guy who wanders the hall and mumb...Read More

Four Ways to Profit From the Expected Surge in Commodity Prices

June 3, 2009 / Martin Hutchinson

By Martin HutchinsonContributing EditorMoney Morning In normal recessions, commodities prices fall - and staydown for the count - as mines, farms and oil wells continue to expand production,even as demand is flattened by the economic malaise.Well, not this time around. And that figures to makecommodities a profitable defensive investment. Indeed, we've uncovered four ofthe very best ways to profit...Read More

Is the Dark Cloud Over Solar Energy Beginning to Break?

May 26, 2009 / Jason Simpkins

By Jason SimpkinsManagingEditorMoneyMorningBy sucking the air out of energy prices and sapping privateinvestment, the financial crisis submarined solar energy last fall. But asilver lining has emerged around the dark cloud that has blanketed the sectorfor so long. Oil prices have recovered, climbing over $60 a barrel, therecent stock market rally has lured many investors back off the sidelines, an...Read More

Three Dividend Plays That Can Offer Stability in the Face of Uncertain Financial Markets

May 21, 2009 / Guest Editorial

As recently as February, General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) had hopes of maintaining itsdividend payout. "We've got thecash flow to pay the dividend," GE Chief Executive Officer JefferyImmelt said in a Feb. 5 interview with The Wall Street Journal.But by the end of the month, Immelt's resolve had collapsedunder the weight of the global financial crisis and his company announced itsfirst dividend cut...Read More

As Junior Miners Cash in on Soaring Inflation and Growing Global Demand, So Can You

May 12, 2009 / Investment News Staff

FromMoney Morning Staff ReportsIn the past twoyears, Toronto's TSXVenture Exchange (CDNX), which is the best way to track the value of juniorminers, plunged 80% from its all time highs, essentially wiped out all of itsbull market gains from peak to trough since 2002. But since December2008, the TSX-Venture Index has already rebounded with a whopping 44%gain. And in the interim, the miningsector (...Read More

CensusHiring and Reporting Methods Minimize April Unemployment Numbers

May 11, 2009 / Don Miller

By Don Miller Associate Editor Money MorningEmployerscut 539,000 jobs in April, the lowest total in six months, but the LaborDepartment said the unemployment rate still soared to 8.9%, from 8.5% in March.While some analysts viewed the latest report as a sign of a nascent economicrecovery, the unemployment numbers are almost certain to head higher before therecession is declared over.Lastweek's rep...Read More

U.S. Auto Industry Spins Out of Control, as Chrysler GoesBankrupt and GM Struggles to Reverse Course

May 1, 2009 / Jason Simpkins

ByJason SimpkinsManaging EditorMoneyMorningChryslerLLC yesterday (Thursday) filed for bankruptcy protection after a failedattempt to reorganize operations and restructure debt before the governmentappointed deadline. The collapse of one of America's largest and oldest autocompanies - having been founded in 1925 - shows just how much the U.S. autoindustry has deteriorated since its heyday in the mi...Read More

Three Ways to Profit as Inflationary Fears Push Gold Over the $1,000 Mark

April 7, 2009 / Mike Caggeso

[Editor's Note: This look at gold prices is the first in a series of Money Morning quarterly reports that will examine such topics as housing, U.S. stocks and oil. These reports will now be a regular feature at the end of each quarter.]By Mike Caggeso Associate Editor Money Morning Gold surged a solid 4.3% in the first quarter, with falling stock prices and rising inflationary fears providing much...Read More

First QuarterEarnings Will Make or Break Market Rally

April 6, 2009 / William Patalon III

William Patalon IIIBy William Patalon IIIExecutive EditorMoney Morning/The Money Map ReportA rally in the U.S. stock market has gained traction over the past month, but holding onto its recent gains could prove difficult this week as investors catch a glimpse of the first batch of first-quarter earnings reports.The Dow Jones Industrial Average wrapped up its best four-week run since 1933 last week...Read More

StimulusCoupled With Strong Stock Market Performance Creates Bullish Outlook

March 30, 2009 / William Patalon III

William Patalon IIIBy William Patalon IIIExecutive EditorMoney Morning/The Money Map ReportIs it "Bull Market 2009?"The answer to that question depends on whether youbelieve the three-week surge we've just been through is the start of aprolonged advance for U.S. stocks, or was just the kind of "dead-cat bounce" fake-outmove that temporarily interrupts a protracted bear-market decline.It's not an e...Read More

Why the Mining Sector Doesn't Need Banks

March 30, 2009 / Money Morning Staff Reports

Money Morning Staff ReportsIn the magical worldof FinanceLand, it seems evil Dr. Doom has landed on the capital (StallStreet), and with a zap from his freezing ray-gun, has permeated the landscapewith a thick layer of frost. The effect: Traditionalsources of financing - indeed, virtually every type of credit - have beenplaced in an Ice Age-likedeep freeze. Facing a major crisis of confidence, ban...Read More

Global Investment News Briefs

March 25, 2009 / Investment News Staff

Geithner Calls For Regulatory Reform; Fed President Sees 2009 Rebound; Bank of China Posts 59% 4Q Profit Drop; Goldman Plans to Repay TARP money quickly; U.K. Inflation up 3.2% in February; Major Exchanges Want New Curbs on Short-Selling; Lloyd's Says Insurance Rates to Rise; Copper Prices Take Breather After Rising 30% on China Demand; Mexico's Inflation Holds Up Rate CutTreasury Secretary Timoth...Read More