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Silver What & Why? Get Real, Be Real, And Buy Real

April 28, 2021 / Staff reporter

Get a clear picture on the status and the outlook of the silver Claudio Grass with David Morgan via Claudiograss.chInterview with David Morgan: Part I of IIThe past year has been a remarkably interesting time for precious metals and especially for silver. The metal had spent many years in the shadow of its "big brother", but it made an impressive, roaring comeback that grabbed headline...Read More

Think $100 Silver Is A Crazy Price? Not If You Check Out This Chart!

April 28, 2021 / Staff reporter

We know that there is something BIG happening in the silver market when... by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco ReportWhile we have witnessed a surge of new silver investment demand over the past year, it's nothing compared to the massive buying coming in the future. We know that there is something BIG happening in the silver market when the top silver analysts "conveniently" omit the massive global si...Read More

If Gold is a Ship, Silver is a Rocket

April 28, 2021 / Staff reporter

A lot of moves in silver can happen over just a few days, which is why...John Lee on Palisades Gold RadioTom welcomes a new guest, John Lee, President and CEO of Silver Elephant Mining. John started his career as a programmer in Silicon Valley before moving to Vancouver, where he was exposed to the mining sector. He started trading as a retail investor dabbling in junior miners. He then started le...Read More

The Truth About The Silver Squeeze

April 27, 2021 / Staff reporter

"The usual suspects don't want us to write this article."by Keith Weiner of Monetary-MetalsKeith wrote about the silver squeeze narrative originally here, then here, and again here. This article is his latest commentary. Some recent videos about the silver market are generating more buzz than we have seen in a while. They make several points, but the main one is that there is a global shortage of...Read More

New Highs Coming in 2021

April 25, 2021 / Staff reporter

All guns are blazing in Silver. Only a break of $24.68 to the downside opens up the possibility of lower lows David Brady via Sprott MoneyTimeframes matter when it comes to analysis and possible outcomes. What do I mean by timeframes? I'll use Gold to explain, but this applies to all markets with the caveat that each analyst, trader, or investor has their own definitions of what these t...Read More

Silver Enters Acceleration Phase

April 25, 2021 / Staff reporter

All these indicators, sky high premiums on silver coins and bars, demand forecasted to keep rising, and a rapidly falling gold silver ratio, Peter Krauth via Streetwise ReportsSpot silver is trading around $26 per ounce...but you can't buy any at that price.Instead, you'll have to pay almost 50% more.That's right. If you want silver right now, you'll need to pay at least $35 per ounce.If...Read More

Silver: Read The Moves

April 24, 2021 / Staff reporter

Let's have a look at why recent silver price movements are so Korbinian Koller via Midas Touch ConsultingOne way to gain certainty about the quality of a turning point is by examining the recent past. Looking at the daily chart watching price behavior over the last twenty sessions gives quite some insights into the actual strength of the weekly timeframe turning point and its qualit...Read More

Unpredictable Retail Demand Will Break Paper vs Physical Silver Market

April 24, 2021 / Staff reporter

Retail silver buying is the blindspot that will catch banks by surprise and break the paper versus physical leverage...Keith Neumeyer with Patrick V. on Silver Bullion TVKeith Neumeyer - Unpredictable Retail Demand Will Break Paper vs Physical Silver MarketSBTV spoke with Keith Neumeyer, founder and CEO of First Majestic Silver. Keith believes retail silver buying is the blindspot that will catch...Read More

Silver Calling The Precious Metals Sector Higher

April 23, 2021 / Staff reporter

The precious metals sector looks like it is beginning an important new Clive Maund via Streetwise ReportsGold and silver improved last week and we saw a tentative breakout by precious metals stocks from the downtrend they have been stuck in since last August. The purpose of this update is to point out that even though the sector may back off short-term from the resistance it has arriv...Read More

Is The Silver Squeeze Over?

April 22, 2021 / Staff reporter

What's needed to continue the momentum?by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical TradersChris joins Dave Russell on GoldCoreTV with his charts to help us interpret the recent moves in silver and gold. In this video, we take a look at the silver price, the gold price, bitcoin and the S&P500.We take a look at what's needed to continue the momentum of the #silvershortsqueeze, the movement spearheaded by Wa...Read More

A New Silver Revolution is Sweeping the World

April 10, 2021 / Staff reporter

No system, metals nor the monetary system, will survive based on lies. Once confidence is lost, the system will have to revert to...Craig Hemke and John Adams on Palisades Gold RadioCraig discusses his recent call on shortages beginning in particular mints. Some of the entities like the Comex are too big to fail, and like the LBMA, they will simply adjust the rules. Breaking the Comex is putting e...Read More

We Now Have TWO WHALES Standing For Silver?

April 8, 2021 / Staff reporter

Open interest refuses to contract, and now it looks like we have another whale standing for Harvey Organ of Harvey Organ BlogAPRIL 7/GOLD CLOSED DOWN $1.25 TO $1740.70//SILVER ROSE 3 CENTS TO $25.18//GOLD TONNAGE AT THE COMEX ROSE SMARTLY UP 1 FULL TONNE TO 79.9 TONNES//SILVER HELD FIRM AT 14.210 MILLION OZ//MAY OPEN INTEREST FOR SILVER REFUSES TO CONTRACT AND REMAINS AT 116,000 CONT...Read More

Silver, Focus on resilience

April 6, 2021 / Staff reporter

It is essential to stay focused on the prime fundamentals and the clear long-term case for the shiny metal. Numbers Korbinian Koller via Midas Touch ConsultingResilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. In other words, toughness. Looking back over the last year, the world has experienced just such toughness. Unfortunately, this isn't over yet. Maybe it's even just the...Read More

ALERT! Banker Silver Riggers Squirm

April 5, 2021 / Staff reporter

When the Silver Manipulation ENDS...the Banks Collapse. But what's going to happen Bix Weir of Road to RootaWhen the Silver Manipulation ENDS...the Banks Collapse. But what's going to happen when that HUGE banking derivative MONSTER finally collapses taking down all other financial institutions? Truthfully, I don't know...and NOBODY DOES!! But I do know that Litecoin will be READY as the...Read More

The Great Inflationary Race To The Bottom, Stock Market Melt-Up, And The Winner (SPOILER ALERT: Silver)

April 5, 2021 / Staff reporter

We're swirling around in a weird, high-tech inflationary race to the bottom, and if one wants to come out on top after the economic collapse...(by Half Dollar) In a weird way, we're all in one great big giant inflationary race to the bottom.Let me give just one example: The washing machine.THE ORIGINALAbout 20 years ago, Wifey and I purchased our first washing machine. I don't remember the specifi...Read More

Silver Miners' Results: Fundamentally Strong?

April 5, 2021 / Staff reporter

Unlike gold stocks which have ground lower on balance since their last bull upleg peaked in early August, the silver stocks have been consolidating high. Do Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLCThe silver miners' stocks have mostly consolidated high over the past half-year or so, mirroring resilient price action in the metal they produce. But this relative strength has been overshadowed by the ext...Read More

ALERT! Ex-Silver Regulator Lands Cushy Rigging Job

April 2, 2021 / Staff reporter

The "Revolving Door" between the market riggers and the US regulators is the most TOXIC RELATIONSHIP in the history of "Free Markets"!by Bix Weir of Road to RootaThe "Revolving Door" between the market riggers and the US regulators is the most TOXIC RELATIONSHIP in the history of "Free Markets!" Sick Bastards! Also, we have selected a date for a LIVE SHOW in Phoenix, AZ on May 7th. If you live in...Read More

Silver Bugs Are Getting Angry And Mad: One Step Closer To Capitulation

April 2, 2021 / Staff reporter

When will silver go on its next rip roaring rally? Here's when...*****Half Dollar's Note: I will not be writing my usual Friday market wrap today.[sounds of cheering and applause in the background]Have a safe and happy Easter Weekend.*****(by Half Dollar) I'm a contrarian and a Silver Bug at heart.I'm not really sure how I got this way, but such is my life.And wow!The hate!It's off the charts!If y...Read More

The End Of This Correction Is Nigh: $100 Silver Ahead

April 2, 2021 / Staff reporter

Silver corrections come with the territory. Investors need Peter Krauth via Streetwise ReportsBeing a silver investor over the last few weeks has become more psychologically challenging.That's true even for us die-hard silver enthusiasts.After all silver had a standout 2020, having gained about 47% in its best year since 2010. That easily outpaced gold's own impressive 25% return.But the r...Read More

A Nice Stack Or A Fat Stack Of Silver? Knowing One Little Detail Makes A HUGE Difference In Size!

April 1, 2021 / Staff reporter

From newbies purchasing their very first ounce, to traders controlling a huge number of ounces, nobody should be in the silver space without...(by Half Dollar) Silver is money.At the core of money is a very specific weight and a very specific purity of precious metal, nothing less, and nothing more. It's not hard to understand, but confusion does reign supreme in our modern society, so the fact th...Read More