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Why Gold? Why Now?

February 21, 2024 / James Rickards

Despite the Wall Street happy talk about the Federal Reserve winning the battle against inflation, that battle has not been won.Headline CPI (the kind Americans actually pay, not constructs like "core" and "super-core") was 3.4% in December. That compares to 3.1% in November and 3.0% last June (the January numbers will come out tomorrow).In other words, inflation is not gone and may even be on the...Read More

"Outlawing" Recession Has Guaranteed Recession

February 21, 2024 / Charles Hugh Smith

The mainstream view is that recession is caused by economic-financial factors. The mainstream view is wrong, for recession is ultimately caused by Wetware 1.0 human nature.Human nature our innate attraction to windfalls and something-for-nothing, our ability to habituate to extremes and normalize counterproductive dynamics manifests as economic-financial factors, but these are effects, not c...Read More

DOD Supports Future Antimony Mine

February 21, 2024 / Mike Niehuser

This additional funding highlights the importance to the U.S. military of a domestic supply of the metal, noted a Roth MKM report.Perpetua Resources Corp. (PPTA:TSX; PPTA:NASDAQ) received more funding, in the amount of US$34.6 million ($34.6M), from the U.S. Department of Defense to continue advancing its Stibnite gold-antimony project in Idaho, reported Roth MKM analyst Mike Niehuser in a Februar...Read More

Inflation Won't Die

February 21, 2024 / James Rickards

The January inflation numbers came out this morning, and they weren't good for Wall Street.The consumer price index (CPI) rose 3.1% in January. That's a decrease from December's 3.4%, but it exceeded consensus estimates of 2.9%.Core inflation, which excludes food and energy, rose 3.9% on an annualized basis, which is unchanged from December. But the consensus estimate was 3.7%. Core inflation also...Read More

What the Heck Just Happened?

February 20, 2024 / Brian Maher

As a scribbler we are at times spoiled for choice. Today is one such time.Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States commenced proceedings into Colorado's ruling barring Mr. Trump from the ballot...Yesterday the United States Department of Justice issued an official report bringing into vast question the sitting president’s cognitive competence...Yesterday the same president met th...Read More

Immigration: Good or Bad?

February 20, 2024 / Brian Maher

Yesterday's reckoning drew a fulsome mail...We suggested the United States economy was not a "real" economy. We suggested that it was, instead, a "fake" economy...And that government data-manglers sketch false scenes of economic vigor.Certain readers took... exception.For example: Reader J.B. believes we trained our cannons unjustly upon the Biden administration:It can’t be true under a...Read More

Eventful Events

February 20, 2024 / James Howard Kunstler

Historians of the future, gathered round their campfires poaching armadillo tail-flaps in their own shells, will harken back to the wondrous day in 2024 when they could watch and compare two heads of great nations present themselves to the world for assessment.There was Mr. Putin of the land called Russia, calmly discoursing in fine detail on a thousand years of his country's history. And there wa...Read More

Tucker is No Duranty

February 20, 2024 / Sean Ring

The Left loves to project. Just look at it now. "Tucker Carlson is a traitor." "Tucker Carlson hates America." The nonsense is knee-deep.But this isn't the first time a journalist has traveled to Russia to report. In fact, nearly a century ago, a son-of-a-bitch named Walter Duranty became – who could've guessed it? – The New York Times Moscow bureau chief.Duranty, God rot him, will be...Read More

Gold stocks drop as metal and equity markets slide

February 19, 2024 / Staff Writer

Read More

Co. Continues To Move Closer to Gold

February 17, 2024 / Taylor Combaluzier

Seabridge Gold Inc. continues to evaluate other potential traps for gold deposition in the system, according to a Red Cloud Securities research note.Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) recently announced drilling results from its 2023 RC campaign consisting of approximately 7,800 meters at the wholly-owned 3 Aces gold property in Canada's Yukon territory, according to Red Cloud analysts Tay...Read More

PFS on Rare Earths Project in B.C. Due Out in Q2/24

February 17, 2024 / Mark Reichman

With this asset, the company could become "a globally significant supplier" of these critical metals, noted a Noble Capital Markets report.Defense Metals Corp. (DEFN:TSX.V; DFMTF:OTCQB; 35D:FSE) has a major milestone on the horizon related to its Wicheeda project in British Columbia, which is well-positioned to become a key North American supplier of rare earth elements, reported Noble Capital Mar...Read More

3-D Model Points Co. Closer to Gold at Yukon Project

February 17, 2024 / Streetwise Reports

Seabridge Gold Inc. has updated a three-dimensional view of its 3 Aces project in the Yukon Territory as it looks for continuous gold mineralization. See why one newsletter writer is "table-pounding bullish" on the company.Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) announced that the 2023 drill results from its wholly owned 3 Aces project in the Yukon Territory contributed to an updated three-dime...Read More

Co. Behind Idaho Au-Sb Asset Awarded US$34.6M by DOD

February 17, 2024 / Mike Kozak

This capital should fully fund the project through federal permitting, noted a Cantor Fitzgerald report. Perpetua Resources Corp. (PPTA:TSX; PPTA:NASDAQ) was conditionally awarded an additional amount of up to US$34.6 million (US$34.6M) by the U.S. Department of Defense under the existing Technology Investment Agreement (TIA), reported Cantor Fitzgerald Mike Kozak in a February 12 research note."T...Read More

Copper Miner Released Drill Results from Mexico

February 17, 2024 / Streetwise Reports

Infinitum Copper Corp. has released its drill results from the La Adelita project in Mexico. Read on to see what analysts are saying about this stock and the copper market. Infinitum Copper Corp. (INFI:TSX) announced in a press release on January 25, 2024, that the company has now earned 80% of the La Adelita project from Minaurum Gold Inc., as well as the results for six drill holes on the projec...Read More

Silver and Gold Company Makes Progress on Mine Restart

February 16, 2024 / Streetwise Reports

Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. has released an update on its mine restart study, which it expects to finish in Q2 of 2024. Read on to see what analysts are saying about this company's stock.Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. (SM:TSX.V; SMDRF:OTCQX) announced in a press release that it has an update on the progress of its mine restart at the company's 100%-owned La Guitarra silver and gold projec...Read More

Even Better Than Goldilocks!

February 16, 2024 / Brian Maher

We stand before the gates of Elysium. Paradise is in view.Here are some recent headlines:"U.S. Labor Market Sizzles With Blowout Job Growth, Solid Wage Gains"…"Another Shockingly Good Jobs Report Shows America’s Economy Is Booming"…"The U.S. Didn't Just Avoid a Recession It's Adding Hundreds of Thousands of New Jobs"…"The U.S. Economy Isn’t 'Goldilocks,' It’s...Read More

Double-Digit Yields Available

February 16, 2024 / Adrian Day

Global Analyst Adrian Day reviews recent earnings from some high-yielding stocks, domestic and foreign, as well as looks at recent developments at a few resource companies on his list. He notes that the recent decline in resource stocks presents several buying opportunities.Ares Capital Corp. (ARCC:NASDAQ) reported another strong quarter, with an increase in core earnings, for a record year of $2....Read More

Analyst: Silver Co. Hits 'Bonanza-Grade' Gold-Rich Zone

February 16, 2024 / Streetwise Reports

The last results from Dolly Varden Silver Corp.'s 2023's step-out drilling at its Homestake Ridge property include "bonanza-grade" gold, one analyst noted in a new research note.Analyst Update: The last results from Dolly Varden Silver Corp.'s (DV:TSX.V; DOLLF:OTCQX) 2023's step-out drilling at its Homestake Ridge property include "bonanza-grade" gold, one analyst noted in a new research note.Marc...Read More

Vancouver Co. Hopes To Follow Feeders to Gold Deposit

February 16, 2024 / Streetwise Reports

StrikePoint Gold Inc. is using new Induced Polarization (IP) results to identify targets for its maiden drill program at its Cuprite gold project in Nevada. The technology found a large underground system that could lead to a large discovery.StrikePoint Gold Inc. (SKP:TSX.V; STKXF:OTCQB) is using new Induced Polarization (IP) results to identify targets for its maiden drill program at its Cuprite...Read More

Laughing Down the Road to Climate Change Hell

February 15, 2024 / Greg Guenthner

I didn't find out about my county's new plastic bag ban until I was left standing dumbfounded with an arm full of groceries at a crowded (and bagless) self checkout station.An annoyed clerk finally walked by and handed me a paper bag, charged me five cents, and sent me on my way.Thanks to the bag ban, I have a new grocery store routine. Every last-minute trip to pick up bread, milk, and bananas no...Read More

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