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NYC teachers union hosting seminar on 'harmful effects of whiteness'

25/3/2023 / Herman James

New York Post, Released on 3/25/23"Participants will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to center ourselves as a form of resistance against the harmful effects of whiteness in our lives, the organizations we work for or direct, and the communities in which we serve," Continue... NYC teachers union hosting seminar on 'harmful effects of whiteness' added by Herman James on 03/26/2...Read More

PRIVATE BLOG - Gold’s Possible Phase Transition Rally (PRO)

Mar 25, 2023 / Martin Armstrong

Spread the lovePRIVATE BLOG - Gold’s Possible Phase Transition Rally (PRO)Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit More

Putin to place Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus

25/3/2023 / Herman James

NPR, Released on 3/25/23Russian President Vladimir Putin announced plans on Saturday to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, a warning to the West as it steps up military support for Ukraine.Continue... Putin to place Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus added by Herman James on 03/27/2023View all posts by Herman James 'Read More

US Bank Trouble Heralds The End Of Dollar Reserve System

25/3/2023 / Herman James

Asia Times (via Zero Hedge), Released on 3/25/23Gold will play a bigger role because the dollar banking system is dysfunctional,Continue... US Bank Trouble Heralds The End Of Dollar Reserve System added by Herman James on 03/27/2023View all posts by Herman James 'Read More

It Has to Stop

March 25, 2023 / James Howard Kunstler

The current madness has to stop. And it will stop because, as the old wag Herb Stein laid down in his law years ago: Things that can't go on, stop.Which raises the question: Which things?And the answer is the things Western Civ is doing in its attempted suicide: inciting war, recklessly running up debt, persecuting its own citizens and stealing their liberties, subjecting them to medical malfeasan...Read More

'Secret camouflage' clothing is being created to keep people hidden from 'creepy' facial recognition AI

25/3/2023 / Herman James

The Sun, Released on 3/25/23"The need to protect the individual from the abuse of new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is felt Continue... 'Secret camouflage' clothing is being created to keep people hidden from 'creepy' facial recognition AI added by Herman James on 03/28/2023View all posts by Herman James 'Read More

Copper Co. Cancels Project Option to Focus on Other Sites

March 24, 2023 / Streetwise Reports

Alpha Copper Corp. cancels its option agreement for the Okeover project in British Columbia so it can focus on its other three projects, including the drill-ready Star project.Alpha Copper Corp. (ALCU:CSE;ALCUF:OTC) announced it has canceled its option agreement for the Okeover project in British Columbia so it can focus on its other three projects.The company will now put its efforts into explori...Read More

Gold Co. An 'Excellent Core Holding'

March 24, 2023 / Clive Maund

Technical analyst Clive Maund takes a look at Victoria Gold Corp.'s 5-year and 1-year charts to tell you why he believes you should be interested in the company.For investors looking for a larger mid-cap gold stock as an addition to a Precious Metals portfolio, which is not a bad idea with the world falling apart all around us, Victoria Gold Corp. (VGCX:TSX; VITFF:OTCMKTS) is considered to be a wo...Read More

Andrew Maguire: China to mobilize 25,000 tonnes of citizens' gold?

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Kinesis Money, Released on 3/24/23In this week's Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire scrutinises the US officials glossing over the global bailout of the banking system, as they scramble to avert the crisis which has inadvertently accelerated the gold revaluation process.Andrew Maguire is an Independent London Metals Trader and Analyst, internationally renowned for his unique ability to read the p...Read More

Proud Boys Sedition Trial Suspended AGAIN After Feds Admit Defense Witness Was An FBI Informant

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Summit News, Released on 3/24/23The Proud Boys sedition trial was suspended for a second time on Wednesday after the feds admitted in court that a witness intimately involved in the Proud Boys defense team was secretly an FBI informant.Continue... Proud Boys Sedition Trial Suspended AGAIN After Feds Admit Defense Witness Was An FBI Informant added by Herman James on 03/24/2023View all posts by Her...Read More

Battle Line Drawn: Gold Bulls Look to Push through $2,000 / Commodities / Gold & Silver 2023

Friday, March 24, 2023 / MoneyMetals

Gold prices surged to test the $2,000/oz level early this week before retreating ahead of the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision.Fed policymakers opted for another 25 basis-point hike -- disappointing investors who had hoped for a pause in the wake of high-profile bank runs.Stocks sold off in post-Fed trading on Wednesday afternoon. Precious metals markets, however, managed to record gains f...Read More

The Career of a Keynesian Mediocrity

March 24, 2023 / Byron King

The standard Keynesian policy solution to economic inefficiency is that government takes active measures via a (supposedly) wise and knowledgeable central bank, one filled with people who hold Ph.D.s in economics from top-notch universities.Because they know stuff.These central bankers act in tandem with fiscal policy emanating from a (supposedly) all-seeing, all-knowing government, one filled wit...Read More

Janet Yellen: Keynesian Egghead

March 24, 2023 / Byron King

"Old soldiers never die," said Gen. Douglas MacArthur in his long-ago farewell address of April 1951. "They just fade away," he added with a note of deep sadness.I sure wish we could say that about Keynesian economists.That is, about economists who follow the doctrines and dogmas of John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), a British economist whose main works were published in the 1920s and '30s and whose...Read More

Bill Holter: Get Out of The System

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Liberty and Finance, Released on 3/24/23Bill Holter joins us to discuss the recent bank failures in the U.S. and abroad. In two-weeks, seven banks have come into the spotlight: Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank failed; Credit Suisse was taken over by UBS; First Republic and Deutsche Bank have faced significant issues. This is just the tremor before the earthquake, Holter says.0:0...Read More

Gregory Mannarino: The Debt Meltdown Has Just Begun

24/3/2023 / Herman James

WTFinance, Released on 3/24/23During our conversation we spoke about the current banking crisis, how this could lead to a debt meltdown, what this means for personal freedom and how you can protect your wealth during such a situation. I hope you enjoy!0:00 - Introduction0:15 - What is Greg's opinion on the banking crisis?2:40 - US regional banking system is unique3:35 - Consolidation of the bankin...Read More

Edward Dowd: 'Emergency' Fed rate cut by June, only 6 U.S. banks will be left by 2025 paving way for CBDC

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Kitco News, Released on 3/24/23Edward Dowd, Founder of Phinance Technologies and former BlackRock fund manager, and Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, discuss the Federal Reserve's latest rate hikes, and why Dowd thinks Fed Chair Powell will be "forced" to cut rates by June of 2023, leading to a "controlled implosion" of the banking sector. Dowd forecasts that as banks...Read More

Harry Dent: Markets are about to head down again

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Harry S. Dent Jr., Released on 3/24/23Why does it seem like the Fed is always playing catch-up with the markets? Harry Dent discusses this, the bounce, and why we need a recession.Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 consultant, new venture investor, noted speaker, bestselling author, and the founder of, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, and ge...Read More

Doug Casey's Take: An Appointment With Death

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Doug Casey's Take, Released on 3/24/23*Breakup of countries [00:00:26]*Doug Casey discusses how countries are not cohesive entities and predicts a breakup of these entities in the future.*Saudi Arabia's political situation [00:02:31]*Doug Casey talks about the political instability in Saudi Arabia and questions whether their mega projects will work.*Limitations of relying on political figures [00:...Read More

Willem Middelkoop: China's Master Plan to End U.S. Dominance: 'Darkest Scenario' for Dollar System

24/3/2023 / Herman James

Stansberry Research, Released on 3/24/23"I've been saying for 20 years that we will see the petrodollar system end. And now, we can say there has been an end to that system," says Willem Middelkoop, founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and bestselling author of The Big Reset: War on Gold and the Financial Endgame. "The real question is, 'Is this start of the petroyuan system?'," he says to Dani...Read More

Peter Schiff: Financial Media Surprised by the Obvious

24/3/2023 / Herman James

YouTube/PeterSchiff, Released on 3/24/23Peter Schiff is an internationally recognized economist specializing in the foreign equity, currency and gold markets. Mr. Schiff made his name as President and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital. He frequently delivers lectures at major economic and investment conferences, and is quoted often in the print media, including the Wall Street Journa...Read More

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