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James O'Keefe's Takeaways From Listening to CNN's Editorial Meetings for 2 Months

3/12/20 / Ben Shapiro

James O'Keefe joins to discuss his 2-month long undercover infiltration of CNN's editorial meetings, which brought on the viral moment where he addressed CNN's president, Jeff Zucker, in the middle of a meeting.Watch the videos referenced here: More

Pfizer chairman: We're not sure if someone can transmit virus after vaccination

3/12/20 / The Hill

"I think this is something that needs to be examined. We are not certain about that right now with what we know," Bourla responded.Continue...Read More

Doug Casey on America's Ideological Divide and What Comes Next

3/12/20 / International Man

When Joe Biden was in his basement, he must've watched Game of Thrones again and again. Biden thinks he's John Snow saying, "Winter is coming." He's right about that. But he's no John Snow.Continue...Read More

Jeffrey Gundlach's insights into the markets and economy as 2020 comes to an end

3/12/20 / FEG Investment Advisors

FEG podcast interview with DoubleLine CEO, Jeffrey Gundlach and FEG CIO, Greg Dowling, recorded December 3, 2020.Jeffrey Gundlach is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine Capital. He is recognized as an expert in bond and fixed income investments. His investment strategies have been featured in leading publications from around the world In 2013, he was named "Money...Read More

Charles Nenner: "Get Out of the Markets"

3/11/20 / Crush The Street

TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:-Cycle analysis is telling us about overall markets.-Oil markets in overall down-trend.-Thoughts on gold.-Bitcoin in for higher price targets.Charles Nenner founded, and is president of, the Charles Nenner Research Center. Mr. Nenner has provided his independent market research to the following entities all over the world: hedge funds, banks, brokerage firms, family office...Read More

Chris Martenson: Election Disaster - Half the nation mourns & the whole nation loses

3/11/20 / Peak Prosperity

Whether Biden or Trump wins, the nation loses. I am a studious avoider of left-right politics preferring the up-down axis. Neither party has advanced meaningful ideas for any of our biggest and most vexing problems and predicaments. #1: there's no comprehensive energy policy that comports with reality. Nothing. It's the biggest oversight of them all. It leaves us all horribly unprepared for the fu...Read More

Gary Wagner: Will gold price and stocks see big moves right after election result?

3/11/20 / Kitco News

Gary Wagner, editor of speaks to Kitco News on Monday, November 2, and breaks down price move expectations for the various scenarios of tonight's presidential election.0:00 - Price move expectations2:00 - Gold and stocks' correclation5:12 - 3rd quarter GDP breakdown8:56 - Is the economy really recovering?10:03 - Gold price technicals10:44 - U.S. dollar technicals11:17 - Trades...Read More

Doug Casey's Take: California's Dystopian Rules For Thanksgiving

3/11/20 / Doug Casey’s Take

In this episode, Doug shares California's dystopian rules for Thanksgiving 2020. They're unbelievable but totally real. Doug Casey is an American-born libertarian economist and advocate of the free market. He is a bestselling financial author, international investor, entrepreneur, and the founder and chairman of Casey Research, a provider of subscription financial analysis about specific market ve...Read More

Craig Hemke: Correction in Gold & Silver to End in November, Higher 'Notable' Prices in 2021

3/11/20 / Silver Bullion TV

We are joined on Metal Money by Craig Hemke, Editor of Craig believes we are very close to the reversal of the short-term price correction in gold and silver and that both metals will reach new 'notable' highs in 2021.Known primarily by his nickname "Turd Ferguson," Craig Hemke is the founder and editor of the popular TF Metals Report blog and podcast, covering precious metals,...Read More

Kyle Bass gives his thoughts on China policy under Trump and what that might look like under a President Biden

3/11/20 / RT

Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager. He is the founder and principal of Hayman Capital Management, L.P., a Dallas-based hedge fund focused on global event-driven opportunities.Max Keiser is an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT. He presents a weekly show about finance and markets on London's Resonance FM, and writes for The Huff...Read More

Martin Armstrong: the only outcome will be a Civil War at this point

3/11/20 / Armstrong Economics

I fear that the only outcome will be a Civil War at this point. While Trump should win, I deeply fear this election will be so corrupt that they will steal it from him to subjugate the Continue...Read More

Martin Armstrong: Why Smart Money will Sell Stocks in Front of a Biden Victory Because of Taxes

3/11/20 / Armstrong Economics

A Biden victory or even a continued round of uncertainty into early December may set off a serious liquidation before year-end. The risk of a significant tax increase next year underContinue...Read More

Steel Industry Cries for Help Beyond Trump Tariff 'Band-Aid'

3/11/20 / Bloomberg (via Yahoo Finance)

"Tariffs aren't a long-term solution. They're a band-aid."Continue...Read More

Stunning images reveal what happens when you leave the toilet lid up while flushing

3/11/20 / StudyFinds

"We hope our new #CloseTheLid campaign helps inspire people to make simple changes to their cleaning routine that can have long-lasting benefits to the health of the nation."Continue...Read More

Rudy Giuliani: How much money do you think Zuckerberg and Twitter give to Democrats?

3/11/20 / RT

Donald Trump's lawyer and former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani has given an interview to RT's Going Underground on the day of the Election (uh-oh Mainstream media won't like this). In this short clip, Rudy Giuliani goes in hard on 'big tech and big media' - telling RT's Going Underground that Donald Trump is not a pushover and that is why they censor him and his followers. Read More

George Gammon: How Will Election Affect YOUR Financial Future!?!? (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate)

3/11/20 / George Gammon

George Edward Gammon is an American real estate investor and entrepreneur. He produces and stars in a popular YouTube Channel. Prior to 2012, George started, owned, and operated multiple businesses ranging from conventions to advertising. The last growing to 24 million in annual revenues and over 100 employees. After 12 years as a successful entrepreneur, at the age of 38, George semi retired and...Read More

Egon von Greyerz: Bretton Woods II Won't Repair Covid Aftermath

3/11/20 / Gold Switzerland

In this latest MAM Chat, Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg respectfully discuss the available facts regarding COVID data and the viral impact on global economies as large parts of the EU brace for more lockdown measures. How can one balance the controversial issue of measuring human lives against hard economic facts? Egon and Matthew address the costs, as well as the outstanding invoice for...Read More

Charles Hugh Smith: Our Imperial Presidency

3/11/20 / Of Two Minds

Regardless of who holds the office, America's Imperial Project and its Imperial Presidency are due for a grand reckoning.Continue...Read More

Jim Cramer: Gold prices may have more room to run

3/11/20 / CNBC

Now could be an opportune time for investors to start a position in bullion, the GLD ETF or Barrick Gold, the "Mad Money" host said. Read More

Gerald Celente: The Donald vs Goofie, The American Exceptionalism

3/11/20 / Trends Research

Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist and founder of The Trends Research Institute. He is the author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter. Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom,...Read More

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