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Year in Review 2023 and Outlook for 2024

January 04, 2024

The past year was a difficult one overall for the metals, with the main standouts to the upside being a geopolitical risk-driven gain in gold, a China-driven rise in iron ore and a surge in uranium on broadening global support for nuclear power (Figure 1). A jump in global interest rates to near two-decade highs saw recession fears persist all year, and while one still did not actually eru...Read More

Year in Review 2022 and Outlook for 2023

January 2023

This year the post-global health crisis boom was brought to an end by a surge in inflation to forty-year highs, a major rise in global interest rates in an attempt to curb the rising prices and surging geopolitical risk after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While precious metals held up reasonably well as markets turned to them as a risk hedge, by Q2/22 the higher interest rates put an end t...Read More

Chile: The Heart of Global Copper

October 2021

Chile is the world leader in copper production, at 28.5% of the total in 2020, and this looks set to continue, with the country having the largest global reserves, at 23.0% of total. It is also the global leader for molybdenum, which is often found along with copper, and is a major lithium player, holding 51.1% of global reserves. Read More

Newfoundland Gold

June 2021

Newfoundland has become a gold exploration hotspot over the past few years, with the sector seeing some of its strongest activity ever. While the province remains a small contributor to Canadian gold production, it has a substantial mineral industry well supported by the government, focused on iron ore, copper and nickel, and the surge in exploration suggests that gold output from the...Read More

Nevada Gold Mining and Canadian Juniors

April 2021

Nevada is the core of the U.S. gold output, accounting for by far the majority, at 75.4% on average for the past year. The state looks set to remain a dominant player in U.S. gold, as it accounts for 49% of total U.S. reserves, with Alaska slightly ahead with 51% of reserves, but just 8.6% of current production. The U.S. accounts for 6.1% of global gold output, making Nevada one of the largest gol...Read More

An Overview of the Golden Triangle

July 2020

The Golden Triangle in northwestern British Columbia has historically been a major site of Canadian gold production, beginning as early as the mid 1800s. There was a wave of production in the 1990s which cooled as the gold price declined, but larger scale production resumed in 2017, and the area has seen surging exploration interest over the past year, given that the region has some of the largest...Read More

An Overview of Quebec Gold Mining

April 2020

In this report we outline the Quebec gold mining industry, including its major producers, and a survey of many of the junior miners focused on the province. Quebec accounts for 34% of Canadian gold production (second to Ontario, with 44%) and remains a major focus for both producers and junior miners.Read More

An Overview of the Red Lake Mining District

January, 2020

Red Lake has been one of the most prolific gold mining districts in Canada and the world, with exploration having started in the 1920s, and production, which began in the 1930s, continuing to the present day. The district is known for the high grade of its gold, its infrastructure, and strong institutional support, given the long history of mining in the area.Read More

Lucara digs up another giant diamond at its Botswana mine in bumper year for big gem finds

January 01, 1970 /

Lucara Diamond Corp. has found another huge diamond at its mine in Botswana.The company unearthed a 327-carat top white-gem diamond just two weeks after finding a 472-carat light brown stone. It’s the ninth-largest diamond discovered by Lucara, which now produces some of the biggest and best in the world.Lucara unearths another massive diamond from Botswana mineThe fifth-largest diamond in h...Read More

Lithium Australia provides update on SiLeach lithium tech

January 01, 1970 /

LithiumAustralia (ASX:LIT) today provided an update on the progress of its cuttingedge SiLeach (R) plant design. Itsfront-end engineering and design (FEED) activities are progressing as plannedwith undertakings including preliminary equipment specifications, materialselection, infrastructure, assessment of contracting strategies, discussionwith vendors selected for the supply of specialised equipm...Read More

'Political noise': Canadian miner hopes for business as usual after the Castros' long rule ends

January 01, 1970 /

After years of paying down debt and restructuring its operations, a new question mark hangs over Toronto-based Sherritt International Corp: whether the leadership change in Cuba will affect its extensive nickel, cobalt and energy operations located within the tropical island nation.Sherritt refers to itself as Cuba’s largest foreign investor, and derives most of its revenues from operations...Read More

Canada Health Act a barrier to reform and better universal health care

January 01, 1970 /

Despite spending more on health care than the majority of developed countries with universal-access health-care systems, Canada performs poorly in international comparisons of the performance of health systems. Canada's health policies also differ from those of other nations with universal-access health care-in particular, those that have the developed world's best performing universal systems-in...Read More

Planning pays off for Alligator Energy

January 01, 1970 /

AlligatorEnergy (ASX:AGE) has published its quarterly activities report along with anupdated investor presentation. Alligatoris an ASX-listed exploration company focused on uranium and energy relatedminerals, principally cobalt-nickel. The company is focused on the discovery oflarge economic high grade energy related metal deposits (uranium, nickel,cobalt) with clear pathways for approval and deve...Read More

Adriatic Metals lists on ASX, chases high-grade zinc discovery in mining-friendly Balkans

January 01, 1970 /

This stock is classified as 'very high risk' in nature due to its location and geopolitical situation of the region. Finfeed advises that extra caution should be taken when deciding whether to engage in this product, however if you are not sure whether it is suitable for you we suggest you seek independent financial advice.Adriatic Metals(ASX:ADT) makes its ASX debut today and is already drawing c...Read More

Pursuit begins follow-up zinc drilling

January 01, 1970 /

Now at the endof the wet season, Pursuit Minerals (ASX:PUR) has begun follow up drilling atits Paperbark Project in North Queensland in order to determine the fullpotential of the project's JE Zone zinc system. PUR acquiredthe Paperbark Project, along with the Bluebush and Coober Pedy Projects fromTeck Australia Pty Ltd in 2017 and has wasted no time in getting on withexploring what's on offer.The...Read More

'Complete and utter disrepair': Business groups slam Ottawa's changes to transportation bill

January 01, 1970 /

OTTAWA — Business groups are warning that a recent motion introduced by the Minister of Transport could put shippers at a further disadvantage to Canada’s rail firms, leaving companies worse off than before Ottawa introduced its sweeping transportation bill last year.A coalition of business associations said the minister’s rejection of two key Senate amendments reinforces the con...Read More

Expanded Canada Pension Plan could decrease investment in Canada by up to $114 billion over next decade

January 01, 1970 /

Beginning in 2019, mandatory contributions by Canadian workers to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) will increase, step by step, over seven years. While the expansion of the CPP may be well intentioned, it will result in several unintended consequences. One consequence is a reduction in the amount that Canadians save voluntarily in their private accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs. Previous research has...Read More

Adriatic reports exploration results ahead of drilling at Vare??

January 01, 1970 /

Finfeed presentsthis information for the use of readers in their decision to engage with this stock.Please be aware that this is a very high risk stock. We stress that thisarticle should only be used as one part of this decision making process. Youneed to fully inform yourself of all factors and information relating to thisproduct before engaging with it.Results are in from Adriatic Metals PLC (AS...Read More

Archer identifies exploration target at SA manganese project

January 01, 1970 /

Archer Exploration Limited(ASX:AXE) has this morning informed the market it has identified an ExplorationTarget for its Jamieson Tank Manganese project located near Cleve, SouthAustralia. A review undertaken by AXE ofhistorical drill results at the project has led to the establishment of amaiden exploration target of 15Mt-25Mt at a grade of 8-12% manganese.The Jamieson Tank project - whichis locat...Read More

Black Rock achieves world first, ultra-high graphite grade

January 01, 1970 /

FinFeed presents this information for the use of readers in theirdecision to engage with this product. Please be aware that this is a veryhigh-risk product. We stress that this article should only be used as one partof this decision-making process. You need to fully inform yourself of allfactors and information relating to this product before engaging with it. Tanzanian graphite developer BlackRoc...Read More

High grade vanadium at Pursuit's Finland prospect

January 01, 1970 /

Less than a month after expanding its operations and securing aportfolio of vanadium projects in Finland and Sweden, Pursuit Minerals(ASX:PUR) has reported high grade vanadium mineralisation at the KoitelainenProject's KoitelainenV prospect in Finland. Nine drill holesfrom the prospect produced magnetite concentrates with vanadium values rangingfrom 2.0 to 3.7% V2O5, with a globally significant av...Read More

White Rock provides update for zinc project in Alaska

January 01, 1970 /

White Rock Minerals Limited (ASX:WRM) has provided anupdate on its plans to conduct a comprehensive exploration program at its 100%owned zinc VMS project at Red Mountain in Alaska.Personnel crews have begunarriving at the summer field camp, to establish the camp area in preparationfor field operations expected to commence within two weeks. Additional crewsincluding the drillers and the field geolo...Read More

MinRex sees potential for standalone scandium mine in NSW

January 01, 1970 /

MinRex Resources Limited (ASX: MRR) thismorning updated shareholders on the pre-acquisition due diligence that'scurrently underway on the Pacific Express project in NSW. MRR assessed the extent of scandiummineralisation at the project in more detail, especially the prospect ofdeveloping a potential standalone deposit at the Houston Mitchell prospect,following the discovery of legacy metallurgical...Read More

FOREX-Dollar stands tall as euro plumbs 5-mth low on Italian political uncertainty

January 01, 1970 /

* Dollar lifted as euro slides on Italian political uncertainty* Dollar index near fresh 5-month high brushed overnight* Aussie, loonie, kiwi supported by ebb in risk aversionBy Shinichi SaoshiroTOKYO, May 17 (Reuters) - The dollar stood tall against a basket of currencies on Thursday, as the euro retreated to a five-month low on concerns the political developments in Italy could cause wider disru...Read More

High Grade Gold Discovered at Classic Minerals' Forrestania Project

January 01, 1970 /

Classic Minerals (ASX:CLZ) this morning announced that its recentRC drilling program has unearthed high grade gold at the Forrestania GoldProject (FGP) in Western Australia.The company drilled a total of 11 holes for 750m, including twoholes for 174m at new prospect Van Uden West, five holes for 366m at Lady Lila,and four holes for 210m at Kat Gap. The aim of the program was to uncover a newgold s...Read More

Castillo Copper report widespread mineralisation at Cangai

January 01, 1970 /

Castillo Copper Limited (ASX:CCZ)today announced that it has finished up its first round of drilling at theCangai Copper Mine in NSW and is shifting its focus onto the next campaign. Phase I of the drilling program,which comprised 18 holes along the line of lode targeting deeper sulphidemineralisation, has successfully concluded with assays confirming extensivemineralisation outside the JORC model...Read More

Lithium Australia makes strong progress towards tech commercialisation

January 01, 1970 /

LithiumAustralia NL (ASX:LIT) this morning reported that its subsidiary, the VerySmall Particle Company Ltd (VSPC), is making strong progress towardscommercialisation of its patented battery cathode materials productiontechnology.VSPC'sadvanced laboratory facilities are now operational and production of lithiumion battery (LIB) cathode materials has begun at bench scale. Preparation ofLIB coin cel...Read More

Archer to negotiate exclusively with Uni of Sydney on quantum technology IP

January 01, 1970 /

Archer Exploration Limited (ASX:AXE)has today announced that it has entered into exclusive negotiations with TheUniversity of Sydney for exclusive rights to develop and commercialiseintellectual property (IP) related to graphene-based quantum computingtechnology. AXE is working with theUniversity's office of Commercial Development and Industry Partnerships (CDIP). The patent rights are jointlyhel...Read More

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