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India's Overwhelming Steel Projections?

April 15, 2018 / www.metalbulletin.com

The Indian government's plans of hitting 300 million tonnes of steel capacity by 2030 sounds overambitious in the current scenario given that output only managed to reach the 101 million tonne mark in 2017 - indicating three-fold (Read More

Gold Hedges Stock Market Falls In 2018 Gains 2.7% In Euros and 3.8% In Pounds

January 03, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

Gold acts as hedge in 2018 up 2.7% and 3.8% in euros and pounds (see tables & charts) Stocks fall sharply S&P500, FTSE & Euro Stoxx 5o fall 6.25%, 12.5% & 15% respectively Worst year for most international equity indices since 2008 Sharp falls in economically sensitive commodities: oil (WTI), gasoline and lumber down 24.2%, 27% & 23.8% respectively Volatility surges as seen in VIX rising over...Read More

South America flat steel import prices rise on settlement of February-shipment deals

December 21, 2019 / www.metalbulletin.com

South American flat-steel import prices continued to rise in line with the global uptrend this week, but mainly because most February-shipment deals have now been settled, sources told Fastmarkets.Fastmarkets price assessment for steel hot-rolled coil import, cfr main ports was $515-525 per tonne on Friday December 20, up from $500-515 per tonne a week earlier.Sales to the Pacific coast close...Read More

Chris Vermeulen: Oil, Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Platinum

June 08, 2021 / marketsanity.com

Chris Vermeulen has been involved in the markets since 1997 and is the founder of Technical Traders Ltd. He is an internationally recognized technical analyst, trader, and is the author of the book: 7 Steps to Win With Logic.Read More

Real Fake News: Science Used as Propaganda

July 17, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Did you know that doctors and scientists can be corrupt or simply wrong?People seem to give doctors and scientists the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their findings and opinions on things like global warming, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, chemicals, and how unhealthy certain foods and habits are.But like any other humans, scientists and doctors are, well, human. They can be mi...Read More

Decades of Disinflation and 7 Years Post-Op Twist

January 04, 2019 / news.goldseek.com

By Gary TanashianI was going to look around to see if I could find a media article out there (complete with a TA trying to sound really important) that would be appropriate to be made fun of in our little Men Who Stare at Charts series. But then I decided to create my own chart, stare at it a little, post it and talk about it (hopefully not too self-importantly).Introducing an all too busy long-t...Read More

ITALY STEEL SCRAP: Italian domestic prices jump on material shortages

June 12, 2021 / www.metalbulletin.com

Italian domestic steel scrap prices increased substantially in the month to Friday June 11, with mills facing extreme shortages of the steelmaking raw material, sources told Fastmarkets.The southern European country's steelmakers were unable to source the necessary volumes of scrap due to shortages across Europe, particularly for new scrap grades, market sources said.Supplies of new scrap, includi...Read More

Europeans Should Stay Home, Not Travel

October 02, 2016 / www.thedailybell.com

To buck up EU young, free-train idea on a roll ... Younger people used to be the main supporters of the European Union. But as the continent continues to struggle with existential problems that include economic crises and growing nationalism, the continent’s youthful are becoming disillusioned, according to a recent Eurobarometer survey. Some EU politicians have now come up with an idea to c...Read More

Chart In FocusSanta Claus’ Report Card Is In

January 08, 2019 / www.321gold.com

McClellan Financial Publications, IncPosted Jan 7, 2019January 4, 2019“If Santa Claus should fail to call, the bears may come to Broad and Wall.”That’s the old saying in the financial markets, referring to the “Santa Claus Rally” period which consists of the last 5 trading days of the year plus the first two of the next year.Yale Hirsch first took on the task of quant...Read More

Brazil: Indigenous communities reel from illegal gold mining

June 14, 2021 / marketsanity.com

"We're hostages...The whole time we're being intimidated." Spike in violence linked to illegal mining activities prompts Indigenous Continue...Read More

Social Networks Show They Work for Government, not Private Sector

June 03, 2016 / www.thedailybell.com

Free Speech Isn’t Facebook’s Job ... My instinct as a First Amendment teacher is to be outraged at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft for knuckling under to European Commission pressure to ban hate speech on their platforms. But after sleeping on it, I think it’s fine. Here’s why: These social media giants are private actors, not the state. -BloombergWe disagree...Read More

METALS-Aluminium drops as bears attack, others wait for news on China

January 08, 2019 / www.kitco.com

(Updates with closing prices)By Eric OnstadLONDON, Jan 8 (Reuters) - Aluminium prices slipped onTuesday as bearish speculators kept up selling pressure, whileother base metals were lacklustre ahead of the conclusion ofU.S.-China trade talks.Aluminium has been the worst performer on the London MetalExchange during the last two months on concerns about excesssupply that gathered momentum after the U...Read More

China's top copper smelters raise Q1 TCs purchase price by $1/t

December 27, 2019 / www.metalbulletin.com

The China Smelters Purchase Team (CSPT) has set its treatment and refining charges (TC/RCs) purchase price floor for the first quarter of 2020 at $67 per tonne and 6.7 cents per lb, sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday December 26.The CSPT, which comprises purchasing managers from the country's largest copper smelters, made the decision at its quarterly meeting in Fuzhou city, Fujian province, on...Read More

Jim Bianco reacts to this week's Fed announcement

June 16, 2021 / marketsanity.com

Jim Bianco reacts to today's Fed announcement, discussing the inflation narrative moving forward and where to find the best hedge for it if it sticks around for a bit.Jim Bianco is President and Macro Strategist at Bianco Research, L.L.C. Since 1990 Jim's commentaries have offered a unique perspective on the global economy and financial markets. Unencumbered by the biases of traditional Wall Stree...Read More

Ron Paul Calls Terror Coalition an 'Over-Reaction'

November 17, 2015 / www.thedailybell.com

France identifies Paris attacks mastermind, seeks coalition to fight ISIS … France identified a 27-year-old Belgian who once boasted about killing "infidels" and fought for the Islamic State group in Syria as the mastermind of the Paris attacks, and President Francois Hollande vowed Monday to forge a united coalition capable of defeating the jihadists at home and abroad. – Ch...Read More

LIVE FUTURES REPORT 09/01: Comex copper gains on softer dollar

January 10, 2019 / www.metalbulletin.com

The US copper price increased during midweek trading this morning in the US, amid a softer dollar and positive trade talks between the United States and China.The copper price for March settlement on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange gained 1.30 cents to $2.6690 per lb. Trade talks between the world's economic powers continued for a third consecutive day earlier this morn...Read More

Roswell couple scammed out of $500K, tried to buy 220 pounds of gold from Africa

December 27, 2019 / marketsanity.com

Gold scammers are alive and thriving around the world. Continue...Read More

ENERGY TRANSITION: Solar power capacity growth requires guaranteed supply of minerals and metals

June 18, 2021 / www.metalbulletin.com

Enabling large-scale expansion of solar power production capacity is a crucial part of the transition to a sustainable future for energy, but its prospects of growth rest on the current and future availability of key minerals and metals. Governments and organizations the world over are busy setting ambitious targets to cut carbon footprints and restrict global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsiu...Read More

Shock Poll: Many Germans Want a Revolution?

February 24, 2015 / www.thedailybell.com

One fifth of Germans want revolution: report … One in five Germans believe that a revolution would be the only way to truly reform society, a study released by the Free University of Berlin on Monday shows. Anti-capitalism, anti-fascism and anti-racism were all are prominent positions according to the study entitled 'Against state and capital – for the revolution', which has re...Read More

Tanzania President wants reserves to include nation's gold

January 10, 2019 / www.mining.com

Tanzanian President John Magufuli directed the minerals minister and central bank governor to buy some of the nation's gold for its reserves.The gold could be used to shore up the shilling when the currency Africa's fourth-biggest producer of the precious metal weakens, according to an emailed speech made on Wednesday."We should get to a point where we are reserving our gold, because gold is simil...Read More

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