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Selling NexGen, Current Holdings and Learning from Mining Scams with Fund Manager Warren Irwin

May 29, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Seasoned resource fund manager Warren Irwin returns to MSE to talk mining scams: "There really is no penalties for scamming ...Read More

"It's Time to Invest in Gold Equities Which Are Screaming for Attention" says Jayant Bhandari

May 13, 2024 / www.youtube.com

It is a very exciting time. It is a time to invest in gold equities which have not really reflected the performance of the gold price...Read More

Editor's Picks: Gold Consolidates as Stagflation Risks Rise, Copper Breaks US$10,000

April 28, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Experts remain optimistic about gold's future, calling the current price pullback healthy. Meanwhile, Anglo American rejected a ...Read More

2024 Rule Symposium Preview - Gold Royalty Corp.

April 30, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Rick speaks with David Garofalo, CEO of Gold Royalty Corp. Join Gold Royalty Corp. at the 2024 Rule Symposium in Boca Raton, ...Read More

Demographic Shift Impacting Gold Miner Valuations explains Mining Sector Expert Brian Christie

May 01, 2024 / www.youtube.com

There has been a bit of a demographic shift. Guys my age are retiring, and they are not putting a lot of their money to risk as much ...Read More

#993 - Is the Gold Rally For Real? | with Warren Pies

March 13, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Get 14 days of RV Plus for just $1 https://rvtv.io/3vd8OLB SuperAI Singapore: Get 20% OFF tickets ...Read More

#41 - Quinton Hennigh (Old School Discipline, Dynamites & Kids)

March 15, 2024 / www.youtube.com

In today's episode Denis is joined by Dr. Quinton Hennigh, an internationally-renown economic geologist, with 30+ years of ...Read More

Kevin Muir: The World Shifts to Gold - Challenging the Dominance of US Assets

March 07, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Tom welcomes back private trader and newsletter publisher Kevin Muir of "The Macro Tourist" to the show. Kevin discusses the ...Read More

Neil Howe's Dire Prediction: Economic Stagnation and the End of Prosperity

March 07, 2024 / www.youtube.com

In this eye-opening episode, James Connor sits down with historian, economist, and demographer Neil Howe to dive deep into ...Read More

#39 - James Longshore (Gold, Hard Assets & Green Mambas)

March 07, 2024 / www.youtube.com

In today's episode Denis is joined by gold veteran James Longshore who has over 20 years experience in gold exploration and ...Read More

Gold & Silver Price Predictions for Spring 2024

March 07, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Discover the potential impacts of current events on precious metals and equities, along with strategies for navigating these ...Read More

Adrian Day: Gold Stock Investors Capitulating, Dramatic Change Coming Soon

March 08, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management weighs in on the factors driving gold in 2024, explaining that the monetary side of ...Read More

Finding Value in Gold and Mining Stocks via Active Management - Advisory Board Call with Tavi Costa

March 04, 2024 / www.youtube.com

In this Q1 2024 Advisory Board call, we want to welcome our special guest, Tavi Costa. Tavi is a Member and Macro Strategist at ...Read More

Elemental Altus Royalties (TSXV:ELE) - Poised for Growth and Flush with Cash

March 05, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Interview with David Baker, CFO of Elemental Altus Royalties Corp. Our previous interview: ...Read More

Gold Stocks Bottoming, Uranium Looks Like NVDA, Lithium Won't Explode | Michael Oliver MSA Interview

March 05, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Michael Oliver talks about gold stocks, uranium stocks, and even lithium stocks. Michael had one simple message: be heavy on ...Read More

Gold/Silver Breakout; Supply Could Be Wiped Out | Andy Schectman

March 06, 2024 / www.youtube.com

Gold is breaking out to new highs, some of the most popular coins are getting sold out, and retail premiums are turning higher.Read More

Gold & Bitcoin Hit All Time Highs What's Next? | Crypto & Gold Mining Stocks

March 06, 2024 / www.youtube.com

https://www.coindesk.com/business/2024/03/05/bitcoin-soared-to-an-all-time-high-so-why-arent-miners-blasting-off-too/ ...Read More

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