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Gold Is Now the Safe Haven Trade | Adam Kobeissi

September 24, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Our guest is bullish for gold and bearish for bonds, especially with the FED staying hawkish, pushing bond yields higher. Adam ...Read More

First Majestic Closes La Parrilla & Opens Own Minting Facility w/ Keith Neumeyer

September 18, 2023 / www.youtube.com

We welcome back Keith Neumeyer, the CEO of First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG). Keith shares his insights on the current state of ...Read More

Here's Why Inflation Is Not Over | Andy Schectman

September 20, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Inflation is not over, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin. Increasing oil prices means more inflation, higher ...Read More

US Gold Corp (NASDAQ:USAU) - Advancing the CK Gold Project Towards Production

September 17, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with George Bee, President & CEO of US Gold Corp Recording date: 14th September 2023 US Gold Corp is advancing ...Read More

Gold & Silver: Protection In Uncertain Times | Jay Martin

September 17, 2023 / www.youtube.com

This decade has been extremely volatile, and the volatility is likely to continue, says Jay Martin of The Jay Martin Show.Read More

Gold & Silver Ready To BREAKOUT? Precious Metals Update:

September 17, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Today, we are joined by Florian Grummes, and he provides insights on the state of the market, the recent bank runs, the role of the ...Read More

Elemental Altus Royalties (TSXV:ELE) - $15M Revenue Boost from New Mine Development

September 18, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with Frederick Bell, Executive Director & CEO of Elemental Altus Royalties Corp. Our previous interview: ...Read More

Reyna Silver (TSXV:RSLV) - Prudent Management And Exploration In Progress

September 14, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with Lauren Megaw, Investor Relations for Reyna Silver (TSX-V:RSLV) Our previous interview: ...Read More

Liberty Gold (TSX:LGD) - A Drive To Discover Oxide Gold Deposits In The Great Basin

September 14, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with Jason Attew, President & CEO of Liberty Gold (TSX:LGD; OTCQX:LGDTF) Our previous interview: ...Read More

Doug Casey's Take [Archive ep.#153] Richard Maybury: A depression is inevitable

September 14, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Today, we're joined by Richard Maybury. Rick is the editor of The Early Warning Report. If you're not currently a subscriber, I'd ...Read More

Gold-backed Ruble Would Destroy Fiat Currencies | ALASDAIR MACLEOD

September 15, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Russia could go to a gold-standard, says Alasdair Macleod of GoldMoney.com. A gold-backed currency would spell disaster for all ...Read More

EMX Royalty (TSXV:EMX) - Significant Increase in Revenue

September 15, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with David Cole, President & CEO of EMX Royalty Corp. Our previous interview: ...Read More

GOLD: Things You SIMPLY NEED To Know | Joe Mazumdar

September 12, 2023 / www.youtube.com

There is a lot going on in the world of mining. What are some of the key trends? Guest Joe Mazumdar provides the most ...Read More

Gold Is Setting Up For Another Run | SHANE WILLIAMS

September 12, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Shane Williams, CEO of West Red Lake Gold, says gold appears to be setting up for another major bull run. His company has ...Read More

China Will NEVER Catch Up to the United States! ft. Peter St Onge

September 12, 2023 / www.youtube.com

In this video, Peter talks about a Bloomberg economist challenging the long-held belief that China will overtake the U.S. economy, ...Read More

Bank Deposits Declining - Here's How It Ends | ANDY SCHECTMAN

September 13, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Andy Schectman, CEO of Miles Franklin discusses the growing concern in the banking system. Bank deposits continue to decline, ...Read More

Rick Rule Live with AbraSilver Resource Corp.

September 07, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Rick Rule is joined by AbraSilver CEO John Miniotis and Chief Geologist David O'Connor for this live Q&A. The Royalty ...Read More

Julian Brigden: Market Pain will Create the Perfect Conditions for Gold

September 07, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Tom welcomes back Julian Brigden from Macro Intelligence 2 Partners to discuss the inconsistencies between equities and bond ...Read More

'It Pays to Be an Optimist' in the New Bull Market

September 07, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Matt is an optimist. But that doesn't mean he blatantly ignores what's going on around him - whether it's high interest rates or ...Read More

Recovery In Stocks Fizzling? Or Coiling To Blast Higher? | Lance Roberts & Adam Taggart

September 08, 2023 / www.youtube.com

SCHEDULE YOUR FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW with Wealthion's endorsed financial advisors at https://www.wealthion.com ...Read More

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