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Signs Of A New Silver Bull Market | Rick Rule

January 31, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Macroeconomic factors are creating an extremely bullish environment for gold. Once momentum is established in a gold market, ...Read More

Ask The Gold CEO | Andy Schectman

February 01, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Watch our interview LIVE with Andy Schectman at 9pm Eastern, Jan 31! WEEKLY SPECIAL: 1 oz Silver Philharmonics: $3.29 over ...Read More

Jay Martin, Cambridge House International I RCTV On-Site Interview at VRIC 2023

February 01, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Jay Martin, CEO of Cambridge House International and Host of The Jay Martin Show, joined RCTV live from VRIC 2023 at the ...Read More

Rick Rule: Silver Set To Shoot The Moon - Expect Much A Higher Price Ahead

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com


Silver Supply Constraints Could Be a Major Catalyst for the Price: David Morgan

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Get your FREE VRIC tickets: https://cambridgehouse.com/vancouver-resource-investment-conference Renowned silver expert ...Read More

'Disinflation' in 2023? This is what 'money growth' is telling us - Danielle DiMartino Booth

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO & Chief Strategist at Quill Intelligence, discusses the Federal Reserve's latest moves, inflation, the ...Read More

The Empty Promises of Tiff Macklem [Bank of Canada]

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com

On June 3rd, 2020 Tiff Macklem was named Governor of the Bank of Canada. He agreed to step into a mess. And it's fair to say, ...Read More

Critical Inflation Data for the Fed | GDP & Earnings.

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Here's a video discussing the Q4 2022 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report and the Visa & Mastercard Earnings Results and ...Read More

Don't Worry About A Thing ??~......

January 27, 2023 / www.youtube.com

TRADE IDEAS & DISCORD: https://www.patreon.com/figuringoutmoney BOOKMAP DISCOUNT: https://bit.ly/3F8qdGb ...Read More

E.B. Tucker: The Real Reason Central Banks Are Desperate to Hoard Gold

January 20, 2023 / marketsanity.com

Stansberry Research, Released on 1/20/23"Big tech companies are laying off 10% of their workforce, this is going to have a huge effect," warns E.B. Tucker, bestselling author of Why Gold, Why Now? "We are slowly grinding towards a position where something weak will crack," he tells Daniela Cambone on this episode of Powershift: Outlook 2023. "The crypto story is speculative mania blow off coming b...Read More

The Great Silver Smash & Stash | Andy Schectman

January 25, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Is China cornering & draining the world's gold & silver markets, as well as stockpiling the most strategic commodities in history?Read More

Has Silver Bottomed Or Are We Going Lower? - Rick Rule

January 21, 2023 / www.youtube.com

https://hopin.com/events/rule-rule-s-virtual-silver-investors-bootcamp?utm_source=aff&utm_campaign=8 Hey guys! Let's try and ...Read More

Silver Market Is Tight & Here's Who Could Break It | David Morgan

January 22, 2023 / www.youtube.com

While the precious metal retail industry is lowering premiums because of more supply and decreased demand, overall supply ...Read More

Rule Classroom #10 - Successful Efforts Exploration

January 20, 2023 / www.youtube.com

For a free portfolio review by Rick Rule, visit http://ruleinvestmentmedia.com #gold #silver #investing #valueinvesting ...Read More

How to Assess Mining Company Management Qualifications with Dr. Rob Stevens (Ph.D.)

January 20, 2023 / www.youtube.com

In this episode, Dr. Rob Stevens teaches investors how to assess the qualifications of mining company managers and directors.Read More

Gold With Bitcoin Like Eurphoria; 2023 Outlook | Tony Reda

January 20, 2023 / www.youtube.com

If gold gets above $2000 and stays there, Tony Reda says bitcoin-like euphoria could enter the sector. Reda is the CEO and ...Read More

Where is the Lithium Price Headed Long-Term - Canadian Mining Report

January 21, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Looks at the short and long-term outlook for the lithium price based on the International Energy Agency's forecasts for supply and ...Read More

Promo - Matthew Piepenburg - Why The Fed Needs Inflation

January 19, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Matt also argues that the stock market has gone up due to money printing and rate repression, which is not what Adam Smith or ...Read More

Pitch Battle: EV Nickel vs. Orford Mining

January 19, 2023 / www.youtube.com

You won't want to miss this upcoming throwdown between EV Nickel's Sean Samson and Orford Mining's David Christie.Read More

Huge Moves Into Gold & Silver Remains Unnoticed | Andy Schectman

January 18, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Large players are removing physical metals from major exchanges, says Andy Schectman, CEO & president of Miles Franklin ...Read More

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