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Elemental Altus Royalties (TSXV:ELE) - Monetising & Adding to Royalty Portfolio

July 28, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Interview with Frederick Bell, Executive Director & CEO of Elemental Altus Royalties (TSX-V: ELE) Our previous interview: ...Read More

Shawn Ryan Found Gold Worth Billions #shorts

July 26, 2023 / www.youtube.com

In Canada, Shawn Ryan went form picking mushrooms to survive, to finding billions of dollars worth of gold in Canada. #canada ...Read More

We're in Florida for the Rule Symposium!

July 24, 2023 / www.youtube.com

We're at the Rule Symposium in Florida this week, speaking with Joe Mazumdar, Tao Dechev of Mundoro Capital, Brien Lundin, ...Read More

Marc Lichtenfeld: Gold, Metals a Good Place to Be, Most Attractive Dividend Stocks

July 24, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Marc Lichtenfeld of the Oxford Club isn't always bullish on gold, but he's feeling positive on the metal right now due to its role as a ...Read More

BRICS Impact on US Dollar | LIVE w/ Andy Schectman

July 25, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Join us at 9pm Eastern tonight for a LIVE Q&A with Miles Franklin CEO & president Andy Schectman. WEEKLY SPECIAL 1 oz ...Read More

Economic Collapse: 'All Banks To Fail', Fed's Powell To Resign | Peter Schiff & David Hay

July 20, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Peter Schiff & David Hay discuss their outlook on the #economy , #inflation , #gold , and portfolio management philosophies.Read More

"You Only Have 2 Months LEFT For This Opportunity": Lynette Zang | Gold & Silver Price Prediction

July 21, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Join Our FREE Gold & Silver Newsletter https://bit.ly/3pPoPEI ...Read More

Should you #invest in #uranium?

July 21, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Why is Rick Rule think bullish on uranium? Watch the full interview on our channel. #investing. Investing News Network (INN) Find ...Read More

"We Are on The Verge of a Commodity BOOM" says Pro Trader Nick Santiago

July 11, 2023 / www.youtube.com

We are on the verge of a commodity boom" says Pro Trader Nick Santiago. Nick reveals his best and worst trades of the past ...Read More

A Gold Currency Will Disrupt The System | David Morgan

July 18, 2023 / www.youtube.com

The BRICS are planning on developing a gold backed currency. Regardless of how this plays out, the new reserve currency will ...Read More

Will It Really Be Gold-Backed? | Dr. Edwin Vieira

July 19, 2023 / www.youtube.com

How might a BRICS gold-backed currency work? Dr. Edwin Vieira discusses how a gold-backed currency can be enforced and ...Read More

Golden Currency or Golden Propaganda? | Rick Rule

July 15, 2023 / www.youtube.com

The BRICS announcement of a gold-backed currency is "propaganda," says legendary investor Rick Rule. He says the currency is ...Read More

August's Financial Storm

July 15, 2023 / www.youtube.com

In August, a significant event is expected to occur that has serious implications for the financial situation. The yield on US ...Read More

Gold & Silver Likely Have Bottomed | Tavi Costa

July 16, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Another wave of inflation is coming, says parter at Crescat Capital Tavi Costa. He expects a stagflationary economic environment ...Read More

Gold & Silver: Watch Barrick, Newmont & Co To Make Money | Nick Santiago

July 13, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Pro Trader Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks.com joins us to discuss the current market sentiment, his buy levels for gold and ...Read More

Silver Rally; What's Next? | Steve Penny

July 14, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Steve Penny joins us LIVE at 9pm Eastern for an update on metals! Become a Silver Chartist member and be supporting ...Read More

"99% Of People Will MISS This Opportunity...": Lynette Zang | Gold And Silver Prediction 2023

July 12, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Join Our FREE Gold & Silver Newsletter https://bit.ly/3pPoPEI ...Read More

Gold Should Be At $10,000 #shorts

July 12, 2023 / www.youtube.com

George Ogilvie, a Professional Engineer, has 32 years of mining experience in Canada and globally. #shorts.Read More

Gold-Backed BRICS Currency Amid Collapse Of The West | Bob Moriarty

July 09, 2023 / www.youtube.com

The BRICS nations are expected to announced a gold-backed reserve currency at their August meeting. The BRICS will be "the ...Read More

Is Inflation Going To Rise This Year?

July 10, 2023 / www.youtube.com

Inflation is expected to rise in the coming months. When comparing this June's prices to last year's, there was a small increase, but ...Read More

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