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Defense Metals in the Media

February 16, 2024

Our 2024 Predictions, Part 2

January 11, 2024

Our 2024 Predictions, Part 1

January 02, 2023

Can Gold Hit $3,000 in 2024?

29 December, 2023

Will Bitcoin ETFs Kill Gold?

November 21, 2023

What's Next for Gold?

06 June, 2023

Platinum and Palladium

February 2022

Transition to Production

June 15, 2021

Silver Suppression?!

February 02, 2021

Gold: Year in Review 2020, and 2021 Outlook

January 04, 2021

Gold has big year in 2020 and outlook for this year robust. Learn about monetary expansion and gold future prices.Read More

AbraPlata: CMR's full analysis of an Argentina focussed gold and silver junior

May 2020

The gold futures price reached US$1,767/ounce this week before retreating, which was the second time it has surpassed US$1,760 in the past two months, marking some of gold's highest levels in several years.Read More

2 metals and mining stocks to buy

November 02, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Here are two Canadian metals and mining stocks that we rate 'buy'. One is a recovery play based on the entrepreneurial skills of its 37.5-per-cent owner and its current price being well below book value. The other is a well-managed integrated mining company whose activities include exploration, development, processing, smelting, refining and reclamation in Canada, United States, Chile and Peru.Sha...Read More

Gold mining stock moves from explorer to producer

October 30, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Looking out for bargain gold mining stocks? The mining industry as a whole has worked diligently to keep costs minimal and valuations high. Even so, more than a few gold miners are only priced at "bear market extremes". Contributor Mike Kachanovsky shares one of his undervalued Canadian gold stocks. In a perfect world, a junior mining company starts off a promising exploration project with ambitio...Read More

25 stocks for speculators right now

October 18, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Stock market speculators should continue to work in Canadian oil and gas stocks and precious metals stocks. Gold, silver, oil and natural gas are all in long-term up trends right now. And, the Canadian dollar is also in an up trend. Behavioural finance analyst Ken Norquay lists 25 stocks he favours for speculators right now.The aging American bull market survived yet another test. Statistically, S...Read More

Zinc and lead add shine to silver mining stock

September 24, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

At this silver mine it apparently pays to get the lead out. Investor's Digest of Canada columnist Mike Kachanovsky has found a silver mining stock with enough revenue from its byproduct zinc and lead production to entirely offset all mining costs, so that the company is expected to achieve 'negative' costs on a per-ounce basis for its silver production. Most investors look through the wrong end of...Read More

How to balance your portfolio

September 14, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Four times a year The Investment Reporter reviews its outlook for the economy's five main sectors-financial, utilities, manufacturing, consumer and resources. Its guiding rule is that investors keep at least 10 per cent-but no more than 30 per cent-of their portfolio in each of those five sectors.It's best to diversify your stock portfolio across the five main sectors of the economy: finance, util...Read More

2 precious metal ETFs to trade: 1st is gold, 2nd is silver

September 03, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Seasonal financial analyst Don Vialoux says precious metals and their mining stocks generally reach a seasonal low in July and pick up speed again until late September. Cyclical stocks usually hit seasonal lows in October, which makes them a good place to invest after cashing out of short-term trades on precious metals.Whatever is responsible, according to seasonal investing website equityclock.co...Read More

What to do about mutual funds now

August 21, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Mining stocks and oil and gas stocks have compelling valuations right now which makes a specialty fund such as RBC Global Resources attractive. If you'd rather track a broad index, then exchange-traded funds or index mutual funds may be better for you. TD Bank's e-Series offerings remain our favourite index mutual funds.There's a case to made for investing in resource stocks right now. Oil and gas...Read More

Cyclical investing-where are we now?

July 31, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Cyclical investing works if the timing is right. The key question is: "Is this the right time?" Our current expansion (begun in 2009) is getting long in the tooth. Sectors that typically lead the market later in an expansion include the capital goods sector including manufacturing stocks, basic materials including mining stocks, gold and precious metals stocks and energy stocks.The standard defini...Read More

Timing may be just right for this zinc mining stock

July 27, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Junior mining stock analyst Mike Kachanovsky reveals a zinc mining stock that he says combines able management, a prudent acquisition strategy and competent operating strength at a strategic moment in world-wide zinc markets.I am a mining guy, and feel very comfortable holding a large chunk of my portfolio in resource stocks. That typically involves a large weight towards precious metals, but some...Read More

Rising interest rates may boost materials stocks

July 24, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Rising interest rates have historically benefitted cyclical securities like mining stocks, fertilizer stocks and gold stocks. The Money Reporter picks a mutual fund with broad exposure to the sector, a fund more narrowly focused on mostly gold stocks and a small cap mutual fund which may benefit from a strengthening stock market.With the Bank of Canada bent on raising interest rates, materials sto...Read More

3 precious metals penny mines to buy

July 20, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

A recent MoneyLetter survey of published securities analysts' reports on junior mining stocks found three precious metals penny mining stocks with interesting gold and silver prospects.SilverCrest Metals Inc. (TSXV-SIL) has discovered another high-grade vein at its Las Chispas silver and gold mining project in Mexico. Named Giovanni, this vein has defined dimensions of 400 to 500 meters along stri...Read More

Home country bias hurting Canadians

July 18, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

The S&P/TSX hasn't shared in the current strength of global stock markets. In fact, the Toronto market has lost ground since it reached an all-time high in February. Only a few industry sectors are responsible for the weakness. But Canadians' proclivity for home country investing keeps many at home and away from the party.The rally in world equity markets that investors have enjoyed this year cont...Read More

Now is the time to buy this cyclical mining stock

July 09, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Our Investment Planning Committee has upgraded Canadian mining stock Teck Resources to a 'buy'. Its shares are better priced and its earnings are expected to jump as the global economy grows faster. Resume buying Teck for long-term capital gains and small dividends.Our Investment Planning Committee has upgraded Vancouver-based mining stock Teck Resources (TSX-TECK.B; NYSE-TECK) to a buy. Resume bu...Read More

A gold growth stock with safe political risks

June 14, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

Many a gold stock's headquarters are situated in a safe, stable country, but its mines may be located abroad and exposed to the downside of some less developed jurisdictions around the world. But Agnico Eagle Mines, headquartered in Toronto, offers strong production growth in stable political jurisdictions, a solid balance sheet and quality management.Gold stocks have outperformed the overall mark...Read More

How to balance your portfolio

June 13, 2017 / www.adviceforinvestors.com

When you buy stocks in sectors and sub-sectors of the market, keep your portfolio balance goals in mind. If you're a conservative, income-seeking investor, focus on utilities, financial and consumer stocks. If you're aggressive, buy more manufacturing and resource stocks.As a general rule, we advise you to keep at least 10 per cent-but no more than 30 per cent-of your equity portfolio in each of t...Read More

Bill Holter: Get Out of The System

March 24, 2023 / marketsanity.com

Liberty and Finance, Released on 3/24/23Bill Holter joins us to discuss the recent bank failures in the U.S. and abroad. In two-weeks, seven banks have come into the spotlight: Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank failed; Credit Suisse was taken over by UBS; First Republic and Deutsche Bank have faced significant issues. This is just the tremor before the earthquake, Holter says.0:0...Read More

Gregory Mannarino: The Debt Meltdown Has Just Begun

March 24, 2023 / marketsanity.com

WTFinance, Released on 3/24/23During our conversation we spoke about the current banking crisis, how this could lead to a debt meltdown, what this means for personal freedom and how you can protect your wealth during such a situation. I hope you enjoy!0:00 - Introduction0:15 - What is Greg's opinion on the banking crisis?2:40 - US regional banking system is unique3:35 - Consolidation of the bankin...Read More

Edward Dowd: 'Emergency' Fed rate cut by June, only 6 U.S. banks will be left by 2025 paving way for CBDC

March 24, 2023 / marketsanity.com

Kitco News, Released on 3/24/23Edward Dowd, Founder of Phinance Technologies and former BlackRock fund manager, and Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, discuss the Federal Reserve's latest rate hikes, and why Dowd thinks Fed Chair Powell will be "forced" to cut rates by June of 2023, leading to a "controlled implosion" of the banking sector. Dowd forecasts that as banks...Read More

Harry Dent: Markets are about to head down again

March 24, 2023 / marketsanity.com

Harry S. Dent Jr., Released on 3/24/23Why does it seem like the Fed is always playing catch-up with the markets? Harry Dent discusses this, the bounce, and why we need a recession.Harry Dent is a Fortune 100 consultant, new venture investor, noted speaker, bestselling author, and the founder of HarryDent.com, where he dedicates himself to identifying and studying demographic, technological, and ge...Read More

Doug Casey's Take: An Appointment With Death

March 24, 2023 / marketsanity.com

Doug Casey's Take, Released on 3/24/23*Breakup of countries [00:00:26]*Doug Casey discusses how countries are not cohesive entities and predicts a breakup of these entities in the future.*Saudi Arabia's political situation [00:02:31]*Doug Casey talks about the political instability in Saudi Arabia and questions whether their mega projects will work.*Limitations of relying on political figures [00:...Read More

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