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What's Next for Gold?

06 June, 2023

Platinum and Palladium

February 2022

Transition to Production

June 15, 2021

Silver Suppression?!

February 02, 2021

Gold: Year in Review 2020, and 2021 Outlook

January 04, 2021

Gold has big year in 2020 and outlook for this year robust. Learn about monetary expansion and gold future prices.Read More

AbraPlata: CMR's full analysis of an Argentina focussed gold and silver junior

May 2020

The gold futures price reached US$1,767/ounce this week before retreating, which was the second time it has surpassed US$1,760 in the past two months, marking some of gold's highest levels in several years.Read More

Drain the Swamp, or Spread the Swamp? Lawmakers Pitch Relocating Agency Headquarters

December 09, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

The U.S. government plans to spew occupying forces far and wide within the United States.Or… The U.S. government will distribute the income of the bureaucratic class across distressed regions of the country.Are they spreading the wealth, or spreading the swamp?The government’s definition of decentralizing is certainly not the same as ours. They think moving government agencies’...Read More

John Lennon Was Right: The Government Is Run by Maniacs for Maniacal Means

December 08, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

"You gotta remember, establishment, it's just a name for evil. The monster doesn't care whether it kills all the students or whether there's a revolution. It's not thinking logically, it's out of control."-John Lennon (1969)Militant nonviolent resistance works.Peaceful, prolonged protests work.Mass movements with huge numbers of participants work.Yes, America, it is possible to use occupations an...Read More

Warning: Trump’s Federal Reserve Pick Hates Gold and Cash

December 07, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

 In case of emergency, you should always have a solid chunk of cash on hand. These days, that isn’t much riskier than keeping your money in a bank.There are stories of banks and governments suspending accounts for no legitimate reason. Furthermore, the interest rates at banks hardly give you much incentive to store your money there.But as with anything that gives individuals more cont...Read More

Asteroid Worth So Much Money… that it will sink the economy?

December 06, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Don’t you hate when so much extra wealth is added to society, that the economy tanks?Wait, what?Yes, that is what The Daily Star says would happen if an asteroid made up of nickel and iron was harvested and brought back to Earth. They claim the asteroid’s materials are worth $10,000 quadrillion.This would be enough to cause the world's economy - worth $73.7 trillion - to collapse altog...Read More

New York City Processed a Fake Property Deed. THIS Innovative Country Won’t Have that Problem.

December 05, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Imagine having the power to declare something legitimate with the stroke of a pen, the press of a stamp, or the enter button on your keyboard.The government has that power. But it is part of the magical myth of government legitimacy. That is the main service government provides: legitimacy.It can make stealing legitimate. It can make kidnapping legitimate. It can make assassinations, genocides, an...Read More

How Government Created the Myth of Adolescence and the Terrible Consequences

December 03, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Why are teens so angsty and rebellious? Because they are biologically adults, being treated like children.Jane Addams likely had good intentions when in the early 20th century she helped create the juvenile justice system and laws against child labor. But fast forward to present day and her influence on how society treats young adults has disastrous effects on young individuals and society at larg...Read More

Where the Government Fear-Porn Propaganda Industry is Headed

December 02, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Sometimes I wish I had no conscience or morals. Then I could go to work for the government writing fear propaganda.Killer robots are the latest terror. But there are so many takes on it! It’s like Josef Goebbels’ dream to have so much material to work with. All the “possibilities” and “predictions” just make you want to curl up in a ball and let the government...Read More

Sexual Assault Storm Tells us Something Else About Power

November 30, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Let’s talk about power. The way I see it, there are basically two types of power, political and economic. You can wield power through the government, or through your giant bank account.In the crony world of corporate-political America, the lines are blurry. These days most people gain their political or economic power by mixing the two. But you can still tease apart whether someone’s p...Read More

The Problem Isn’t Robots, The Problem is Attitude

November 29, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Robots are taking our jobs. We all know that by now. And it sounds scary. But it really isn’t.It is understandably upsetting if you are one of the people who will be out of a job. There can be growing pains as the economy shifts. People who thought they were all set until retirement might have to find new jobs, and gain new skills.But robots taking menial jobs means more time. Some people us...Read More

How to Leave the 9-5 Job Behind for the Modern Economy

November 28, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Employment Ain’t What It Used to BeThe 9-5 is on it's way out.You can’t ignore the facts. That traditional model of employment so many Americans sought in the past, is giving way to something new. Fueling that change: dissatisfaction, loss of opportunities, and stagnation. Each forces people and the economy to adapt. The expectations people have for a job have changed as well.People w...Read More

Anarchy: How a Region of Somalia Just Solidified Its Independence

November 26, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

If you hate the government so much, why don’t you move to Somalia?That might soon be a great option. The truth is Somalia is not without government. It actually has multiple governments.In the south, you see corruption, crime, and gang-like government oppression. This is what the United Nations and most of the international community call the official government of Somalia.And in the north t...Read More

100 billion reasons to have non-reportable assets

November 25, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Via Sovereignman.com In early March 1938 in a dusty corner of the Arabian desert, Max Steineke finally had the breakthrough he was hoping for.Steineke was the chief geologist for the California Arabian Standard Oil Company (CASOC), a venture owned by what we know today as Chevron.And he hadn't had a lot of success despite years of effort.Steinke was convinced that massive oil reserves were beneat...Read More

Macy’s Parade Security Used to Promote Surveillance and Police State

November 24, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

I don’t watch the news often. But the news was playing at the family Thanksgiving gathering. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was on, and the newscasters were discussing the extreme security measures taken by New York City.The massive police presence was welcome according to the news. People were reportedly thanking police officers for their roles. The anchors attributed this attitude ch...Read More

How Communism Almost Prevented The First Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

When settlers first arrived at Plymouth, their first attempts to survive were disastrous.It sounded like a good idea. They all shared and worked for the common good. They followed the tenet, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” over 150 years before Marx coined the phrase.Everyone was expected to work in the fields planting and harvesting, and everyone got to...Read More

Why Rule of Law is the Most Important Product

November 22, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Every once in a while a technology comes along that upsets an entire industry.Digital cameras put Kodak out of business. The giant of the photography industry had the opportunity to adopt the technology early. But their profits depended on selling film more than selling cameras.And this is not a new phenomenon.When the printing press was invented in the 15th century, it revolutionized education fo...Read More

The Real Reason the Media Pushes “Sexual Liberation”

November 20, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Individual freedom terrifies those in power. But it is an innate desire that cannot be suppressed. Therefore the media attempts to replace the drive for personal liberation with sexual liberation.It is a carnal animalistic type of “freedom” that those in power want you to focus on. They promote a temporary feeling, a fleeting pleasure. Individual freedom is about building your future....Read More

What National Review Gets Wrong About the Opioid Crisis and the War on Drugs

November 18, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Alright, libertarians, you wanted drug legalization, right? Well, with opioids, via loose prescriptions, you got it, and what's happened? We are in the middle of the worst epidemic of overdose and addiction this country has ever seen, thousands are dropping like flies, and it appears that things will be getting worse before they get better. Your theories might sound nice when you don't have skin i...Read More

Sex, Power, and Consent: How to Interpret the Media Frenzy Around Sexual Assault

November 17, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

The same media that covered for the rich and powerful is now delighting in throwing them one by one under the sexual assault bus.I can’t deny that it is a joy to watch liberal elites like Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein fall from grace.But a chill goes down my spine when I think, but why now? Why has the media suddenly done a complete 180?Don’t get me wrong, it is great to hold sexual...Read More

Warning: One of These Monopolies is Going to Control You

November 16, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Why are governments so interested in breaking up monopolies? To protect the biggest monopoly of all, the government.The American people are skilled mental gymnasts. They can totally agree that monopolies in the private sector are bad. But monopolies on defense, law enforcement, courts, education, roads, and so on are perfectly fine, even necessary!This comes down to the myth of the process. People...Read More

America is Too Big, Like Going to a Restaurant with 20 Friends

November 15, 2017 / www.thedailybell.com

Have you ever tried to go out to dinner with a party of 20? This is a group of people with presumably the same core value: you all want to have dinner with some friends. So everyone is in agreement on the goal, even if a few guys just go along to make their wives happy.The decision of where to go out to eat is usually left to just a few people in the group. Some people might voice support for this...Read More

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